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What is Gamivo Subscription Scam and How to Stop It?

Gamivo Subscription Scam

Are you another victim of the Gamivo Subscription Scam?

Welcome to the club, as you’re certainly not the only one. Many customers, like yourself, have unwittingly signed up for Gamivo’s subscription service without realizing it until they notice strange charges appearing on their credit card statements.

Truth be told, these online marketplaces are a hotbed for such deceptive practices, and Gamivo is no stranger to them. This guide will help you understand everything about the Gamivo subscription plan and how you can cancel it. Let’s get started –

What is the Gamivo Subscription Scam?

As I said, the “Gamivo subscription scam” is a scam that many users have faced with the automatic renewal feature of the Gamivo SMART subscription service.

The important thing to note here is that users who have been affected by this scam were unknowingly enrolled in this subscription and have only become aware of it when charges were reflected on their accounts.

Is Gamivo Safe?

With all that Gamivo subscription scam going on, it’s quite common to get concerned with any purchase you make on the official Gamivo website.

Despite the high testimonials of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot by over 36K users, you may still get issues like accidental subscriptions and invalid keys.

That’s why I would always recommend you use Gamivo with complete caution. Once you’ve read and understand the terms and conditions related to subscriptions and recurring charges before committing to use such platforms.

How to Cancel Gamivo Subscription Scam?

The way Gamivo has scammed some of its users, I don’t mind if you ask to cancel your Gamivo subscription plan. Well, here’s how you can cancel your Gamivo subscription:

  1. Go to the ‘My Subscriptions’ section in your account dashboard on the Gamivo website.
  2. Find your SMART subscription in the list of your subscriptions.
  3. Click on ‘View Details’ next to your SMART subscription.
  4. Click ‘Cancel’.

Additionally, several YouTube videos also guide users through the process of canceling the Gamivo SMART subscription. Here’s the one I recommend:

Remember, it’s essential to confirm the cancellation. Some users have reported that Gamivo continued charging them even after they thought they had canceled the subscription.

Ensure to monitor your bank account after cancellation to verify that the charges have indeed stopped.

Does Gamivo Offer Refunds?

Yes, Gamivo does offer refunds under certain conditions. According to Gamivo’s official refund policy, if a customer requests a refund after purchasing a game key, the company may charge a certain fee per refund from the Merchant.

The refund policy addresses issues such as invalid or duplicate keys but does not provide a course of action for accidental or unwanted subscriptions.

In summary, it’s easy to say that, using the Gamivo website for purchasing software and games keys feels quite safe with active refunds on such offers. Now, before I end this post, read these tips to protect yourself from any scams like the Gamivo subscription service.

How to Protect Yourself from Gamivo Subscription Scam?

Read these tips before placing an order on the Gamivo website:

  • Gamivo is a gray market platform for users to buy and sell game credits, so understanding how these platforms work and developing awareness about the associated risks is crucial.
  • Regularly monitor your accounts and banking statements for any unexpected charges.
  • During checkout, carefully review all options, and deselect any auto-enabled subscriptions.
  • Don’t save your credit card details on Gamivo or any other website. It’s better to enter payment details each time manually to prevent unauthorized charges.
  • Be careful with automatic renewals for any service. If the service isn’t something you want to continue long-term, consider disabling auto-renewal, or manually cancel the service after each use.
  • If your bank offers it, consider using a virtual credit card. These cards are designed for a single use, which could minimize the risk of unauthorized charges.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding scams like the Gamivo Subscription Scam.

By getting to know these spam tactics that websites like Gamivo use, you’re already on the front foot to better protect yourself.

While using online marketplaces, remember to practice caution, remove credit card details, disable automatic renewals, and, last but not least, stay vigilant of your transaction details.

That’s all for now. If you need further help, feel free to reach us in the comments below for a quick resolution.

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