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Legit or Scam? Draftkings a Genuine Review.


Today I am answering the question which has been asked many times by you guys. Yes, my dear, I got several emails asking about draftkings. is it Legit or scam? And several others. So, I came up with all the necessary information about drafting like how it works and a comparison with other fantasy sites in order to provide you with a genuine review. Most of you are aware of the name as it is one of the most popular fantasy gaming sites right now. Every Fantasy sports player witness bad season at least once in a while.

I know how it feels? When do you lose? at that moment you just want to flush out your team and create a whole new team for upcoming matches. Now no need to pissed off by diagnosing previous records to develop a new team as Draftkings will provide all these without any hush or bush. Apart from this, you can get real money rewards by making a winning team and this is totally legal in most of the states.

Draftkings gives you a budget by utilising that you have to draft a team and compete with thousands of people playing the fantasy sport. You can play for free or take home Draftkings million dollar prize by playing Grand league. Enjoy a lot of fun and personally, I really like playing it.


Games offered by Draftkings

Draftkings feature all major sports and professional leagues including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA, Soccer and several mixed marshall art leagues.

Contest Types and Formats

Draftkings offers a variety of contest which is based on a standard format that is as follows:

Guaranteed Prize Pool

This category features a large field, tournament style game which holds a higher cash prize for the champion of the league. But only the top 10% of winners will win effective gain.


The only league which you can customise and form a new private league design it by deciding the number of players winning amount by following terms and conditions of Draftkings.

Double Up

In this type of league either you double up your money or lose entire a must game to play by every champion.

Head to Head

In this format, only two players compete for head to head in the league followed by the format same like Double up either you lose entire money or doubles it.


These leagues hold a low entry fee and winners are rewarded by free entry into a mega-league.


It is a league on a large scale where winners can get their amount increased by twice or thrice even in some cases 8 times. So, just pay the entry fee and if your team got high rank then you will get a predefined prize.


This type of leagues doesn’t require any fee to pay but if your team wins then you will receive real cash prizes.


If you are new to Draftkings or looking forward to try and understand how it works. You can play this format as you don’t lose or win anything but experience.

How to deposit and withdraw on Draftkings?

You can easily deposit money by using your credit card or Paypal account on Draftkings. To withdraw you can get your money in your Paypal account or a cheque which you can get through courier and take a couple of days. I have done a few withdrawal and deposit as per my personal experience I find things pretty smooth.

As I have played on several fantasy sites and I find most of the sites have easy to deposit process but the withdrawal process is difficult. But In this case withdrawal process is quite quick and easier this made myself fall in love with it.

Draftkings Review

I am playing Draftkings from last 6 months and my experience is great and enjoyable. They feature a wide range of contest and formats whenever you check there is a contest for you. The site of draftkings is very functional and user-friendly you can also go with the app for your Android or iOS devices.

The customer service is there to help you 24/7 if you face any issue. So, start playing and choose a league for yourself and win big. But if you are a newbie for this segment must practice with Beginners tournament to avoid any losses.

Is it legal to play on Draftkings?

This is one of the most asked questions that I get and I wonder how many times Draftkings must answer these. As far as Fantasy sports is concerned it is Legal in the US via the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which allows you to play but with a certain age only. But still some states don’t allow fantasy sports that are:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Washington

Final Words

I am sure now you are fully able to find out each and every aspect of Draftkings. The above information shared here is designed to help you and understand this fantasy sports platform. If you like the information kindly share it with your friends and family members.

I would love to hear all your valuable suggestions and feedbacks about us. So, rush up and fill up the comment box below with all your love and support.    

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