IMO app a video & text chat based service serves as a stand-alone app. There are several apps which enable you to do chat, but somewhere IMO is provide something different. Today I will tell you the things which changed the game and made IMO a leader in its category along with in-depth review and comparison with popular apps. This help you understand and find is the app suitable for you? If yes, how much you can depend on it. As everything needs to be used in moderation and you need a certain degree to rely on it.   

But you enjoy much more fun by using it I will try my best to provide you with complete information, and after it, you may be able to know whether it is suitable for you or not. Users of all around the world widely use IMO App. The app is already having more than 500Million + downloads and rated with 4.5 stars from 5 Million reviews on the Google app store.  You can start by just adding your contacts and start chatting, or video calling for them for free of cost data charges may apply as per network service provider.

Table Of Contents

Features of IMO app

  • You can send text messages or recorded an audio message to your friends.
  • Imo enables you to make audio or video calls with your contacts, including group calls.
  • Express your self better during a chat by using imo stickers.
  • You can send images and video easily.
  • Irritated by an unknown number block it.
  • The app denotes a person is online while making a call is Ringing; otherwise, Calling is visible on the screen.
  • Quickly create groups for sharing text, video, messages etc. at the same place.
  • Last seen is visible of your contact.

Things I didn’t like it IMO app

  • The unknown can be added automatically to your IMO contact list.
  • Lack of privacy as anyone can check your last seen.
  • It doesn’t allow to send your location or contact.
  • The calling screen is so dull and freezes whenever you start or end a call.
  • Uses too much battery.
  • Without internet, the app is dead.

Comparison with other popular apps

IMO comparison with skype

  • IMO works faster than Skype.
  • Handles instant messaging.
  • Video quality of IMO is the same as Skype.
  • Skype has a better interface than IMO.
  • IMO can not send document files, but Skype can do that.
  • Skype struggles with low internet speed, but IMO gave decent results on lower speeds.
  • You can set a status on Skype, but IMO doesn’t allow that.
  • IMO is rated better than Skype on Google app store.
  • Skype also provides paid subscription as well but IMO doesn’t have any.

IMO comparison with WhatsApp

  • Whatsapp has a user-centric interface which is not that much good in IMO.
  • Both can do Audio/video calls and text messages.
  • You can hide your last seen in WhatsApp, but IMO doesn’t allow that.
  • Persons other than contact list can contact on IMO, but Whatsapp is better as it doesn’t allow that.
  • Both can be used for sending video or images.
  • Whatsapp allows you to send location and contacts, but you can't send that in IMO.
  • You can set video or picture as your status in WhatsApp but IMO doesn’t have status option.
  • Both allow you to create groups.
  • Whatsapp is safer as it uses end to end encryption.
  • WhatsApp supports thirty-three languages and IMO does thirty Only.

How to Download IMO app?

You can easily download IMO app for your Android, iOS and Pc by merely following the procedure given below:

For Android

  • Download the IMO app from the given link.
  • As download completes, the installation will take place automatically.
  • Check for the app icon in your device menu.
  • Tap on the icon to open and fulfil the follow the instructions given.
  • You are all set to enjoy a chat and calling with your loved ones.

For iOS

  • For your iOS device, Download it from the given link.
  • As installation completes, the icon will appear in the menu.
  • Open the app and fulfil the details required.
  • Enjoy video calls on your iOS.

For PC

  • Download an Android Emulator on your Pc if you don’t have one.
  • Open the Android emulator on Pc.
  • Drag IMO app file and drop it in the emulator.
  • Install the IMO by using android emulator.
  • Open the app after completing the installation process.
  • Follow instructions.
  • You are all set to use IMO on your Pc.


So, after going through the comparison and other information, I am sure you can now easily find the app is suitable for you or not. I hope you find the content useful if yes, refer it with your friends and family members.

Do not forget to share your valuable suggestions, things you like, things you want us to improve. Rush up and fill the comment box with all of your love and support.