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How to get more views on Politically Oriented YouTube Content

Have you been looking to create YouTube channel content that strikes a nerve with your viewing audience? If so, you are certainly not alone. A growing number of channels are using the “shock factor” to gain followers and to have their voices heard. This is particularly the case in regards to politics. A perfect example can be seen in the recent (and rather dubious) United States presidential campaigns. Both sides of the fence employed social media portals and websites such as YouTube to push their own agenda and to vie for the votes of the population.

While Donald Trump may have won (and whether we agree with this outcome or not), there are several key takeaway points to keep in mind. This is particularly the case when referring to Israeli-related issues. How can we find a balance between content that is palpable and thought-provoking and material that might cause you to lose followers or even to be banned from the site entirely? Let’s break this question down into two sections so that each can be addressed with clarity.

Create successful political YouTube content
How to get more views on Politically Oriented YouTube Content

Know the Difference Between An Assertive Stance and an Aggressive Demeanor

In order to better illustrate this point, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the rhetoric released by president Trump and his followers. While some would term these statements as political activism, others will undoubtedly associate it with nothing more than reactionary diatribe and even hate speech. This is why it can be very difficult to walk a fine line. Content which causes individuals to react (positively or negatively) is more likely to be classified a viral when compared to the material that is hesitant to step outside of the comfort zone. However, there is a downside to this scenario. Should content cross the line of decency, followers who would have very well remained loyal through thick and thin could suddenly begin to walk away. This trend is difficult to halt once it begins to take shape.

So, you will always need to keep your finger on the proverbial “pulse” of your audience in order to determine if any statements are not having the desired results. Never forget that there is nothing wrong with encouraging heated debates. A problem will nonetheless arise if your channel starts to be associated with a radical disposition. Now that we have learned to appreciate why balance is important, are there any ways that will help you to determine if your posts are achieving the desired effects in terms of followers?

Using the Power of Modern Online Analytics

Many individuals shudder when they come across the term “analytics”, as they feel that the subject is entirely too complicated for their needs. This is more of a myth than a reality. In truth, YouTube analytics are intended to uncover a handful of simple and critical points such as:

– The current number of followers and subscribers associated with your channel.

– Previous trends in regards to subscription rates.

– Which videos have provided the most comments and feedback?

– The amount of revenue generated (if any) that can be attributed to a certain YouTube advertising campaign.

To put these variables into another context, the only way that you will be able to know if improvements need to be made is if you can determine the past performance of your channel. The good news is that many cloud-based platforms such as Google analytics can provide you with the necessary clarity and insight. This is even more relevant if you happen to own a standalone website or your YouTube content is linked to other social media platforms.

Many advertising and marketing experts will also cite the critical importance of performing a good amount of research in advance. What are some of the most popular and divisive political topics centered around your agenda? What gets people talking? Keep in mind that these answers will obviously change on short notice. For instance, Israeli territorial rights and sovereignty would obviously represent a viral issue in the event that Palestinian militants made a sudden incursion across the border. this is why you need to keep one eye focused on the latest news reports. Some of the most popular YouTube videos are those associated with late-breaking news and it is nearly certain that you will gain additional followers if you are able to address such topics as they arise.

Creating successful political YouTube content is slightly different when attempting to market a certain product or service with the help of digital media. Still, the principles involved with gaining a loyal base of subscribers are just as sound. YouTube is an excellent platform is you have been hoping to express your views and with practice, success is closer than you may think.

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