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Top 10 Video Making Tools To Blow Up Your Social Media & Drive Sales

Today, when social media is so much evolving around technology – it’s important to understand the need of a quality video for any sort of business whether it’s small, medium businesses or MNC’s.

Do you know a image costs atleast 4X more than the video and video costs 4X more than a quality video? So if your production is right, if your video is qualitative, you save your ad costing almost 16X lower than the image ads.

A qualitative video ad on social media platform save your costs almost 16 times lesser than the image ads. Isn’t that great?

and when we talk about quality videos, it doesn’t mean that it’s too hard to create! Now, if we use

  1. Beginning softwares like kinemaster for pc, powerdirector, or videoproc– all comes with the limitations and
  2. Softwares like adobe after effects, premier pro, flash etc – all needs lot of professionalism to create quality video.

But over a period of time, if you lack editing skills, technology has made it simple and accessible. The market, today, offers a range of video making tools that empower you to quickly edit and upload videos, in a way that serves their purpose on social media.

Social media videos come with unique requirements. Your videos need to be crisp, eye-catching and have the ability to make an impact in a short period of time.

Often, people love those videos and you know what, these tools are especially great for small businesses, independent social media influencers, as well as for personal use.

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Video Template Editors

Having influencing videos is also an part of “Business to brand Marketing checklist“. Here’s a round-up of the best tools in the market to power your social media buzz.

While creating a video, you require a

  • professional script writer (which you could see in form of templates and you just need to make changes with in the content),
  • voice over that looks natural,
  • whiteboard/ Animation/ artistic videos (available in these video editing platforms) and
  • finally, background music + sound effects to create amazing environment around your video.

1. InVideo

This is a great free video maker platform online with music and pictures that helps you whip up videos quickly from scratch. offers a large number of online editing options, its own collection of images, templates, soundtracks, emojis and stickers to play with.

You can churn out short videos from scratch, even without images and video clips of your own. You can add captions, credits and even build a strong call-to-action with InVideo’s in-built outro maker.

2. iMovie

If you’re a Mac user, iMovie is a great option for you, as you get to access the advanced video editing features for free. This is a great advantage as most free online video editors do not provide features such as 4K video for a more cinematic-style experience. You can use video filters, add captions, sound and also leverage the green screen effect, to enhance your video.

3. Animoto

This is a great tool for the creation of vertical videos for Facebook, Instagram stories, and posts on other platforms. The platform lets you upload video clips from your camera roll or gallery. You can curate photo collages, add effects and also use the in-build templates. You can add animated text, choose from a range of soundtracks, edit and upload to your social media in one click.

4. Biteable

This is a great platform for those looking to create slideshows, video ads, and other commercial videos. However, the free plan comes with a watermark. Features include being able to browse 100 scenes, access templates, uploading your own content, and choosing from a library of tunes and tracks. The commercial packages allow you to access several additional premium features.

5. Filmora

This is a great software for Windows users. It offers a simple interface and can be used by a wide range of people – from beginners to professionals.

The platform lets you access a large number of effects. You can work at refining the sound with Filmora’s audio equalizer. You can layer clips, use green-screen effects and also customize and share content on any platform. It’s a good idea to access a free trial, and convert to a paid account if it works for you.

6. Typito

This is also a great option for Mac users. A major challenge is the watermark, which can be removed for a cost. Features include being able to include a branded banner for greater brand recall. You can resize videos with a click, and include free motion graphic templates. You can preview it on the go, before uploading to your social media. The platform also supports full HD videos.

7. Animaker

As the name suggests, this video maker lets you create vibrant animated videos in a jiffy. It has a functional approach to editing the video. You just need to click and choose images, drag and drop them, edit and then play. It has both free and paid versions. Some of the top features of Animaker include being able to make videos in six styles – 2D, handcraft, 2.5D, whiteboard, infographics, and typography.  It has a large collection of animated characters, properties and icons. It also has a collection of charts, icons and maps, and allows you to animate data.

8. Smilebox

The USP of this platform is that it nudges you to focus on storytelling with depth. You can make wonderful, meaningful slideshows in minutes. Features include unlimited storage with images saved on the cloud. You can add up to 400 photos! It’s very easy to use and offers a collection of tunes of different genres. You can also add your own music, edit, and share on your social pages, with ease.

9. Quik

Like the name suggests, this video maker is all about creating with speed. It recommends simple steps to edit and upload a video for impact. You can select the video clips, add transitions and effects, match with the right music, and upload! You can add up to 200 photos and videos. Another useful feature is that it automatically detects faces and adds frames around them. You can also choose from multiple themes, and filters to create a versatile effect.

10. Hyperlapse

If you’re planning a time-lapse video, there is no better software than this one! Hyperlapse allows you to edit beautiful time-lapse videos without the need for equipment and tripods. The software automatically stabilizes the jerks and lends a cinematic effect. You can shoot the time-lapse videos while moving or running. Hyperlapse increases the speed by 12 times, and churns out a breath-taking, dramatic and memorable time-lapse video!

Tips To Improve Your “Viral” Craft!

  • Planning your video is important – think of the concept, vibe, text and flow, in advance. It should serve the outcome you’re looking to drive
  • The video must have a strong call-to-action at the end – inviting consumers to buy a product, visit a link or just subscribe to your channel.
  • The first three seconds are extremely important. Make sure the video opens with a bang.
  • While you might have the best sound effects, millions of people watch videos without any sound. So, it must have captions to bridge the gap.
  • Keep it brief. Statistics reveal that a 45-second to 2-minute video is the best time-frame.
  • Using memes and humour is a great strategy to reach more audiences.
  • Add subtitles as this expands your reach among non-native speaking audiences.
  • Though it’s advisable to post short videos daily, doing long-form videos, now and then, is also a great way to break the mold and build new narratives.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Social media is ruling the marketing world which includes instagram, FB, youtube,etc. Social media video makers are very outcome-driven, and learning the ropes of how to use them well, can help you increase video production, and grow your social reach and following and these tools helps them to do everything they want to do with video.

So just don’t look here and there, start checking and editing video templates available in these platforms.

Help out yourself here by making your videos creative and engaging. Keep practicing, experimenting and pushing the boundaries of excellence to drive the business outcomes you’re looking for!

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