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Videoproc Editing Software

VideoProc is an excellent video editing software which helps you to edit your videos effectively and quickly. In today’s world videos are widely used by content creators, bloggers, social media platforms, and various other fields for sharing knowledge, advertisement, entertainment, and more.

You can even post Insta-stories, Facebook stories, what’s app status by creating short videos with this software. You can even edit tic-tok videos before posting. You shoot videos with the help of your mobile phones or cameras. There are numerous devices to shoot videos as these devices contain excellent hardware.

But when you come on the software side for editing your videos then you certainly feel that something is lacking. You are using free editing tools but these tools don’t have enough capabilities to fulfill your requirements. There are some very good editing tools available today but these tools are specially designed for professionals.

What is VideoProc

For using these pro tools you require a specialized knowledge before operating this software. VideoProc video editing software helps you to overcome this gap. This editing software is easy for starters and people who use to edit videos frequently.

It is very easy to use and you can quickly reduce the file size of your videos taken from any of your cameras like smartphones, professional cameras, and action cameras like GoPro. If you are working with high-resolution 4K videos then Videoproc will not disappoint you.

You don’t have to use specialized software tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut X to edit and convert these larger files. You can simply do this with Videoproc as a good alternative. VideoProc uses your hardware to perform your tasks effectively with the help of Hardware Acceleration.

Download Videoproc Editing Software

Benefits for Hardware Using VideoProc

It can edit your videos by understanding your hardware and perform its work smartly. There are several  advantages of Hardware acceleration as mentioned here:

  1. Less strain on the CPU: VideoProc is CPU friendly software which makes lesser usage impact on the CPU while you are using it. This definitely helps in boosting the working capacity of the CPU. And results in speeding up the process of video editing and converting.
  2. High-quality editing: This is a pro software that is only used for video editing for videos being captured through the GoPro camera. The videos edited and converted through this software are the result in higher-quality videos. It is based on inter-lacing technology which helps in retaining the original quality of the video even after editing.
  3. Supports different file sizes: This is the amazing feature of VideoProc. While compressing video files to be enabled to upload on social media, you might need to compromise with the quality of the video. But this software helps you to not compromise with the quality, however, it compresses the file size up to 90% of the actual file size.
  4. Many more other features: VideoProc offers many more other features as well while editing or converting videos. It helps in making stabilize videos. You can easily access many tools and pre-sets which helps you in editing and converting videos. It may result in removing disturbing noise in your videos.
  5. It also helps in the lens correction and making GIFs as well. You can pass through video streaming to MKV using this video editing and converting software. Another feature of it is adjusting speed and audio playing in the background of videos. It gives you the feature of merging too. You can even flip/ rotate, add subtitles, add more effects as well. You can even cut or crop videos using this VideoProc software.

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I have listed my honest review of VideoProc video editing software. I have listed all the features and details about it. If you have any queries or feedback about this article then you can comment here. I would love to hear from you.

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