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In-Depth Guide To Complete The Shattered Throne Map [2021]

Honestly guys I have not played any of the Destiny games, not even for a single minute. But, to write this particular post I have spent almost five to six hours. So, whatever information I am going to give you guys is totally based on research.

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What are we going to talk about in this article? As you already have seen in the title of the post, this article going to be related to Destiny Two: Shattered Throne Map. So,

What is the Shattered Throne Map?

Players are calling the Shattered Throne Map a succinct (small) raid version. According to what I read many players not like raiding that much, so, destiny two came up with a map, in which raids don’t take as long as the normal raiding mode of the game.

A Guide To Complete The Shattered Throne Map [2021]

This map is not available all the time, you can only get your hands on Shattered Throne Map once in three weeks. If you love loots and you are good at handling them, you are going to love this map.

How to get to the Shattered Throne Map?

If you want to get to the Shattered Throne Map, first go to the dreaming city – now go straight and stop when you find the Oracle, go to the tallest building near oracle and turn left, find a bridge that connects to the path at the cliffside, it will lead you downwards to a portal.

Go via the portal, passing via a hallway it will lead you to a room, in the room you will a thin ray of light, go through it, you will find the entrance to the Shattered Throne Map at end of his room.

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Parts of Shattered Throne Map

There are four parts in Shattered Throne Map: the labyrinth, the hike, Vorgeth: the boundless hunger, and dul incaru.

At the end of every part of the map you have to a boss, it can be difficult to beat them in the first go.

Part One: The Labyrinth

This part consists of seven temples connected through tunnels. You have to clear out all the temples and you have to do it in a specific order. Well, you don’t have to worry about the order.

A Guide To Complete The Shattered Throne Map [2021]

When you will enter the first part of the map, you will find yourself in the first of the seven temples, clear out the first one and you will be led to the second temple via a symbol revealed when you clear the first one.

Keep clearing out the temples, when you will clear the seventh one, you have to return to the first temple. On the first the mini-boss will be waiting for you, defeat him and you will get a lot of loot and other items.

Part Two: The Hike

Just like the first one, the second part of the Shattered Throne Map is also easy to clear.

You have to keep a simple strategy in mind while clearing out the part, and that is not to die. Collect some long-range weapons and you are all set to go.

A Guide To Complete The Shattered Throne Map [2021]

What you have to do is, pass a massive hallway filled with some creepy knights, who want to kill you. You need not worry about the knights as they are not that strong, use your long-range weapons, after passing them, a mini-boss is waiting for you, it is easy to defeat him, so do it and move forward.

Part Three: Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger

Vorgeth is the first boss you will face in the Shattered Throne Map, one more boss is waiting for you in the fourth and last part of the map. Well, if you can kill this one, then the final boss is not much sweat for you.

Defeating Vorgeth is a little bit hard, as you have to follow some steps to do it. Vorgeth is guarded by some wizards and some other enemies.

Don’t try to kill Vorgeth first, go for the little enemies first, then kill the wizards and then go for the boss: Vorgeth.

A Guide To Complete The Shattered Throne Map [2021]

You must be thinking why not kill the boss at first, and the reason is you need orbs to take down Vorgeth’s shield. When you kill the wizards, they will drop orbs. Through the orbs you will get access to Petitioner’s Mark, collecting four of them will lower the Vorgeth’s shield.

But there is a catch, if you grab the first orb you have to grab the next one in under 45 seconds, otherwise, they will disappear. What I will say, start collecting the orbs when all the wizards are killed.

Collecting the four orbs leads to the transformation of Petitioner’s Mark in Petitioner’s Burden, which will help you to kill Vorgeth.

There is another catch, you have to kill Vorgeth in the DPS phase, if the DPS phase ends the wizards will respawn, and you to repeat the cycle.

Part Four: Dul Incaru

The fourth and the last part. Now, you have to face Dul Incaru, defeating her is not as complicated as defeating Vorgeth, but still not easy.

While going to Dul Incaru, in a straight hallway, you face three champions who protect her. Kill them, collect the orbs dropped by them, and go to Dul Incaru.

A Guide To Complete The Shattered Throne Map [2021]

Note: Don’t take a lot of time to kill the champions, otherwise a crystal will appear which will make them invincible. If that happens break the crystal, and then kill them.

You will gain immeasurable power from the orbs you collected from the champions, now kill Dul Incaru and complete the Shattered Throne Map.

Final Words

As I told you guys, I have not played any of the Destiny games, but after doing the research for this post, and writing it, I really want to play this Shattered Throne Map.

Well, I gave the full guide of how to complete the Shattered Throne Map, if you liked the post do tell me in the comment section.

Peace Out✌🏻

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