10 Hilarious Voice Changer for Fortnite [2022]

Do you love playing Fortnite?

So much so that you’re looking forward to starting a streaming channel?

But can’t do this because of your introverted nature? Or because you’ve some legit doubts about the future of online streaming?

Well, I’ve all the right answers for you.

First, read one of my previous articles on live streaming as the future of Gaming.

Secondly, in this post, I’ll share a list of the best voice changers for Fortnite.

Check this list, and figure out which one option is best for you. Let’s get started:

Voice Changer with Effects

If you have some Fortnite friends and want to make them laugh, this app is perfect for them. It has a lot of funny effects that will definitely make them giggle. 

The app is free and simple to use, so it’s definitely worth a shot if you are looking for something entertaining but not too complex!

Magic Call

Magic Call is a free app with a wide range of funny voices to choose from. There’s even one that sounds like a girl, so you can sound like your favorite female character.

The main thing I liked about this app is that it’s super simple to use: just tap on the voice you want and hold down the record button to play back your message.

If you want to add more characters or change their gender, just tap on them again and make those adjustments! It’s perfect for both kids and adults alike!

Voice Changer App

If you’re looking for a voice changer app that’s got it all, look no further. Voice Changer App is the best app out there for voice changing and has a ton of different effects to choose from.

The app lets you change your voice from male to female, give it a helium effect, or even make your voice sound like an alien! There are so many options to choose from with this app that will keep you entertained for hours!

Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer is a free app that enables you to add funny voices to your videos and photos. It has a wide variety of voice effects, including male and female voices, monsters, and more.

The interface is easy to use and makes it simple for anyone who wants to change their voice in less than five minutes. This is a great way to have fun with friends or even prank strangers like teachers or parents!

It’s also a great way for you to make funny videos because there are so many options available when it comes down to changing up how your character sounds. You can create some pretty funny stuff if you know what kind of character you want them to sound like (i.e., robots).

RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer is an app for Android and iOS that allows you to sound like a robot, monster, or even a cartoon character. With RoboVox Voice Changer you can change your voice for fun or make prank calls. The app includes over 100 different voices including:

RoboVox – Make funny recordings or disguise your voice with this powerful voice-changing app.

Monster – Turn your friends into monsters with this scary effect; it’s guaranteed to make them scream!

Alien – Transform yourself into an extraterrestrial from outer space with this one-of-a-kind voice changer!

Prank Calls – Fool your friends into thinking they’re talking to someone else!

MorphVox with Effects

Morphvox voice changer for Fortnite
Morphvox voice changer for Fortnite

The best voice changer for Fortnite is the one that offers you the most features and customization options. In this case, it’s MorphVox with Effects

MorphVox with Effects is free and open-source software that allows you to edit audio files. It’s also one of the most popular tools used by musicians, podcasters, and audiophiles everywhere. The fact that it can be used to change your voice makes it even more appealing as an option for gamers who want some extra fun while chatting with their friends online.

One great thing about MorphVox with Effects is how easy it is to use; all you have to do is download its installer file onto your computer and then follow a few simple steps.

Plus there are already tons of tutorials on hitechgazette.com, where you can learn to use morphvox voice changer for your Xbox gaming console.

Helium – Funny Voice changer App

If you’re looking for a fun and safe way to prank call your friends, then this is the app for you. It’s free, there are no ads, and it’s super easy to use! Best of all?

You can even use it for voiceovers in your YouTube videos or on the Twitch stream! Have fun!


Voicemod voice changer for Fortnite
Voicemod voice changer for Fortnite

If you’re looking for the best place to find a funny voice changer for Fortnite, Voicemod is one of my favorites on this list. That’s why I had previously compared it with another one of my favorite voice changers apps MorphVox.

With this app, you can make your voice sound like an alien or robot. You can also change your voice to a male or female dog, cat, or baby.

Not just this, Voicemod allows you to have fun with effects such as echo and reverse playback!

Besides, you can always use Darth Vader’s breathing noises and Darth Maul’s lightsaber hums to recreate some real star wars scenes.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition

This is another voice changer for Fortnite that has a lot of funny effects, is easy to use, and is completely free.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice Changer is a free app that lets you modify your voice to sound like famous celebrities, including Drake, Bill Nye, Will Smith, and many more. You can also add text to your recording and share it with friends.

You can download the Celebrity Voice Changer app for iOS here or for Android here.


Although Fortnite is already too much of a fun game, adding a voice changer to it raises the entertainment to a new level.

Ideally, if you look at the options, the majority of them are easily available on your android and iOS smartphones.

Whereas, you rarely get too many options for Fortnite, Xbox, or any other gaming consoles. Besides, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore, there’s also a list of voice modulation apps for fun.

And as far as Windows PC is concerned, you can use the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and 10 to download funny apps that will let you fool your friends into thinking they are talking to an alien or a ghost.

I hope you have enjoyed the list of apps I have provided to take your Fortnite gameplay experience to a new level. However, before you install these apps, make sure to note that all these apps are available on with in-app purchases.

That’s all for now.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them below!