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Smart Online & Offline Ways To Market A Toll Free Number

There are many smart ways to market a toll free number. First, you may want to start by advertising your new number anywhere you add a ‘contact us’ button on your web page or in your email signature — the whole point is to become visible.

Be Smart and Use Internet Advancements

Most of us probably fall into the category of people who are addicted to our smartphone devices. However, in a positive light, smartphones can be a valuable tool, considering the amount of data seen on a regular basis. Think about how many people you can reach via smartphone when it comes to advertising your toll free number.

As a business owner, you need to properly brand your company, especially in regards to presenting your business as a successful entity.

Have you ever heard of the old saying, ‘fake it until you make it?’ This saying holds true to this day, particularly for new businesses. If you brand your company to look like you are placed in various top regions, you will be able to attract many new clients, from the demographics you are seeking. Although, you must make sure that you have the manpower and the materials to provide the support that you are promising to your many new customers if the aim is to maintain a reputation of excellence.

By adding your new virtual phone numbers to your marketing efforts, like your newsletters, targeted emails, on your domain, and in your email signature, you are making your channels of communication available to customers in need of your services.

Channel of communication for Business

While talking about marketing, it’s very important to know the ways of communication and it’s impeccability. Many a time, when we see a toll free number, we make a call to solve our problem within next few minutes by considering the fact “we could get the response quickly”. Now, to make it more effectively, we have to work on the branding of our toll free number and here is a list of ways through which you can convert your business, company into a brand:

  1. Offline Channels such as
    1. Conference meetings
    2. Radio
    3. Newspapers
    4. Letter
    5. Reports
  2. Online Channels such as (ever heard of Digital Marketing)
    1. Search Engine Optimization – SEO to Increase visibility of our website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
    2. Social Media Optimization – SMO to increase brand awareness of your product/ service/brand on social media networks such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.
    3. Email Capturing & Marketing (A way to capture emails and let them know benefits of our service)
    4. By giving “Click to call” option
    5. So on…!

These are the best ways to promote your toll free number. If you do marketing in a right way – if you work on Ryan Van Wagenen‘s popular saying “When it comes to business | live by the Golden rule | Underpromise | Over Deliver” I am 100% sure you might need to hire managed service provider for you and that makes you more freedom to promote your toll free number.

If you continue to offer your customers only a local number to call, you may begin to restrict the number of calls and visibility you gain.

Reaching out to new regions does not have to be excessively costly. If you obtain a virtual telephone number that is toll free, you give your customers the ability to reach your company without a cost.

As a business owner, you should be looking outside of the box, and by all means, aware of smart ways to promote a toll free number. So, go ahead – get creative, and start posting your virtual and toll-free numbers on the social platforms you market your business on.

There are many platforms that come to mind which are immensely beneficial for marketing, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. There are many ways to reach out to new markets, and this doesn’t mean you need to uproot your physical location.

With the availability of the internet, smart devices, and the Internet of Things, we are now given access to communicate with people who are miles and regions away, allowing for fast business expansion like never before.

It is never a bad idea to gain more clientele, and by creating virtual phone numbers with Global Call Forwarding, you can forward your calls straight to your Apple iPhone or Android phone without losing the ability to communicate with your clients.

Increase Company Sales With Global Toll Free Numbers

It’s all about buyer persona. At the end of the day, no one wants to be sold and everyone wants to be purchased. That’s the reason we need to look after the each and every factor which could affect our business. Whether it’s about picking a virtual toll free number or any other way of marketing, we need to work on every aspect to bring brand awareness and to increase the company sales exponentially.

You may also want to use this marketing data in metadata of your website, this way, Google, and other search engines index it, helping your site drive more traffic.

Use SEO marketing and soon your efforts will not go unnoticed. Using proper marketing practices, you will be able to create higher volume sales.

Psychologically speaking, when a person sees that your company has a toll free number in a leading economic country, customers begin to subconsciously think your company is more established.

If you haven’t think about it yet, Think Now! How much it could affect your business, isn’t it worth to go for a virtual phone number or could we have a better option? Please let us know in a comment box.

You can comment to us about your business even if you think, toll free number won’t help your business in anyway and we will get back to you by analyzing the aspects of your business. Cheers

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