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How to Raid Ancient Cities in Minecraft

The post offers a detailed walkthrough for discovering, investigating, and raiding one of Minecraft’s greatest challenges: the Ancient Cities.

Here’s the complete guide –

Finding Ancient Cities

Finding Ancient Cities in Minecraft can be an exciting part of your game adventure. These special cities are hidden underground in an area called the Deep Dark biome. Here’s how you can find them:

  1. Look for a Mountain Area: Your first step is to find an area with mountains. These are places with tall, elevating land, often with snow on top.
  2. Find an Entrance to Go Deep Underground: In the mountain area, look for big holes or cracks that lead down into the earth. You’re looking for caves or big gaps in the ground that go deep below the surface.
  3. Go Down to the Right Level: Ancient Cities are hidden at Y-level -52. Keep an eye on your Y-coordinate (you can see your location details by pressing F3 on a PC) as you go deeper. You have to go below Y-level 0, which was a new thing added in a previous update.
  4. Search the Deep Dark Biome: When you’re down at the right depth, look around for the special look and blocks of an Ancient City. This place is really quiet and a bit spooky, with special blocks called sculk blocks around.
  5. Be Ready for a Challenge: Remember, the Deep Dark biome is where you can run into the Warden, a very tough enemy, and there are sculk sensors that can detect if you move. So, walk carefully and be ready to fight or hide.
  6. Explore the Ancient City: Once you find an Ancient City, explore it carefully. There are lots of traps and dangers, but also valuable treasures among the old buildings.

Finding an Ancient City takes time, and you need to be well-prepared. Make sure you have all the equipment you need for a long journey underground. Good luck!

Features of Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities in Minecraft come with some pretty interesting features that make them stand out:

  1. Warden’s Head Structure: In the middle of every Ancient City, there’s a key building that looks like the head of a Warden. Sometimes you might also find something that seems like a portal.
  2. Learning About Redstone: As you move through an Ancient City, you might stumble upon parts that help you learn about using Redstone and how to create logic gates. It’s a cool way to pick up some Minecraft skills as you play.
  3. Similar Design to Other Structures: If you look closely at the Ancient City designs, you’ll see that they have a lot in common with Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. This might mean that the ancient cities had some kind of backstory or were linked to the pillagers.

So, as you explore these intriguing structures, keep an eye out for clues and opportunities to learn more about the deeper mechanics of Minecraft!

Dangers and Defenses

When exploring Ancient Cities, there are dangers you need to watch out for, but also ways to protect yourself:

  1. The Warden: The biggest danger comes from the Warden. This powerful enemy shows up if you set off Sculk Shriekers three times. The key to staying safe is to keep quiet because the Warden and no other monsters spawn in the Deep Dark.
  2. Using Wool Blocks: To move around without making noise, you can walk on wool blocks. Wool helps to muffle your steps. This way, you won’t accidentally trigger the Sculk Sensors and Shriekers that alert the Warden to your presence.

By staying silent and using wool to your advantage, you can explore Ancient Cities while keeping the risks at bay.

Looting Ancient Cities

Finding loot in Ancient Cities can lead to some really cool discoveries:

  1. What You Can Find: The chests in these cities are packed with various items. These can range from stuff that helps you learn more about Redstone to Echo Shards, pieces of a new music disc, and even the Swift Sneak enchantment.
  2. Echo Shards: These shards are super useful—they let you make the Recovery Compass. This special compass points you to where you last died, making it easier to get your stuff back.
  3. Tactical Looting Tips:
    • Wear Elytra: For a fast getaway, wearing Elytra means you can escape quickly if things get too risky.
    • Use Potions: Potions can give you a boost, whether it’s moving faster or seeing better in the dark. These can help you move more safely and efficiently.
    • Smart Chest Strategy: There are ways to take items from chests without alarming the Warden. Carefully planning how you approach and open chests can keep you safe from being targeted.

By using these tips and understanding what treasures await, you can make the most out of looting Ancient Cities while keeping the dangers in check.

Key Points

Before you go ahead and start raiding Ancient Cities in Minecraft, here are some key points you should be aware of:

  1. Preparation is Key: Before heading into an Ancient City, ensuring you’re well-prepared is crucial. This involves having the right gear, understanding the terrain you’re diving into, and knowing what to expect.
  2. Understanding the Dangers: The unique risks that come with the Deep Dark biome, especially the ominous presence of the Warden, are emphasized. Recognizing how to avoid or minimize these dangers is essential for a successful raid.
  3. Practical Tips and Strategies: From strategic movement to smart looting methods, this guide provides actionable advice to help players navigate and loot Ancient Cities effectively, minimizing the risk of falling victim to the lurking Wardens.

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