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StarCraft 2: Cheats and Interesting Facts [2021]

StarCraft Ⅱ: Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void are some awesome games to play, however playing them in single player mood can be boring sometimes.

And completing the missions all by yourself is kind of a drag. But if you have the list of StarCraft 2 cheats, then even the single player mode can be interesting.

So, today I am going to share with you some of the best cheat codes you can ever find, which work for all StarCraft Ⅱ: Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void. But before that, you should know something,

List Of StarCraft 2 Cheats And Some Interesting Facts           Read more: Latest Working Brawl Stars Cheat Codes For Brawlers in 2021

Using the cheat codes will stop all your progress and disable the achievements. If can’t rank up if you are using the cheats. And also, these cheat codes or any other cheat code will not work in the multiplayer mood because of some obvious reasons.

So, never ever try to use the cheat codes in the multiplayer mood, doing so can lead you to get banned, and we don’t want that.


How to Use These StarCraft 2 Cheats?

Here are the StarCraft 2 cheats:

  • Terrible Terrible Damage: God mode
  • Took The Red Pill: Disable fog of war
  • Bunker 55 Alive Inside: Disable the need for supplies
  • Spectral Tiger: Gain 5000 minerals
  • Eye Of Sauron: Unlock all cinematics
  • Real Men Drill Deep: Gain 5000 gas
  • Lets Just Bug Out And Call It Even: Instant defeat
  • Tyu Has Left The Game: Disable victory conditions for continued play
  • Who Run Barter town: Gain 5000 of each resource
  • So Say We All: Allow the use of all tech
  • I Am Iron Man: Unlock all upgrades
  • Cat Food For Prawn Guns: Enable fast builds and fast upgrades
  • Im A Doctor Not A Roach Jim: Fast unit healing
  • More Dots More Dots: All units and buildings are free
  • Why So Serious: Add 5 million credits in story mode (Earn money without any sweat)
  • Leave Your Sleep: Unlock all missions
  • Stay Classy Mar Sara: Unlock all UNN TV news broadcasts
  • Jaynes town: In custom, maps add 5000 Terrazine
  • Over Engineered Cod Piece: Play the song Terran Up the Night
  • What Is Best In Life: Instant victory
  • Han Shot First: Disable cooldowns on spells
  • Never Give Up Never Surrender: Continued play after defeat

It is really simple to use all these cheat codes, first launch the game then select the single player mode, when the game starts press Enter on the keyboard, a speech box will open.

Put which ever cheat code you wanna use, wait for some seconds, in capital letters word CHEAT will be displayed in the chat log.

The cheat code is activated, play the game and have fun.

Now, let me share with you some Interesting facts about StarCraft.

Starcraft 2 Interesting Facts

  • When the game first made its public appearance at E3 Expo, in 1996, it was criticized a lot.
  • In the starting development phase, the concept of this game was totally based on Vampires, or you can call them the space vampires.List Of StarCraft 2 Cheats And Some Interesting Facts               Read more: GeoGuessr: A Web Game to Explore the World
  • StarCraft used the concept of Esports back in 2000, a small group of StarCraft players fights against each other to earn the prize money. And it was nationally broadcasted on television in South Korea.
  • As we know that every citizen of South Korea has to serve under the national defense service, a group of pro gamers serving under the South Korea Air Force in the year 2006 were allowed to form a team called as Air Force ACE team, and keep training and competing in the tournaments of StarCraft.

There are many more interesting and weird facts about StarCraft that are not known to most of us. So, if you some more like this, tell me about them in the comment section.


If you are not a professional player, and just want to have fun while playing this game, these cheat codes will definitely add some spices to your gaming experience.

So, if you enjoyed the article, or through this article enjoyed playing the game, just tell your experience in the comment section below.

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