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GeoGuessr: A Web Game to Explore the World


Recently I stumbled upon a very interesting game GeoGuessr.

It is a kind of game that will test your geographical knowledge to limits

In this game, you will see a location with the help of Google maps, and you have to figure out which part of the world that location belongs to.

It’s a fun and quite addictive game but unlike action games, this one does improve your knowledge of World geography.

So it’s a Win-Win situation for you.

You’re playing a game and at the same time, you’re learning about the world geography.


GeoGuessr: Types of Modes

What makes this game a lot more interesting than it already is its gaming modes
GeoGuessr features 5 different gaming modes:



✅Country Streak

✅Battle Royale

✅The Daily Challenge


Before I go ahead let me explain these five modes in detail.

At the moment GeoGuessr are comes in eight differently categorised locations:


✅Famous Places


✅European Union

✅United Kingdom


✅United States

Out of these categories, select your preferable choice.

If you have selected India then you will only have to guess indian locations.

Not only that, you can also create and submit some custom categories.

Example of such category is submitted locations of all the restaurants and popular landmarks in India.


it is the second mode in this game.

Here, you have to score as many point as you can to compete against a ranked system.

Your overall score depends on the level of accuracy with which you guess about a particular location

Rank System is then further divided into three different medals:


✅Silver and


You can:

✅Earn the gold medal by scoring above 22500

✅Earn a silver medal by scoring above 15000 points and

✅Lastly, bronze medal by scoring at least 5000 points.

P.S. If you change your country then your ranking points resets to 0


It is the third mode in this list.

You can play country strike in two different ways: Single player or Chalenge Mode.

Here instead of finding the location you have to guess in which country that particular location besides.

Create as much bigger streak as you can. A big streak means you will get much better points as compared to when there’s no STREAK.

On top of that, you only get one chance to answer the question.

If your answer is wrong then leaving all the progress behind, you start from the beginning.


Have you played any Battle Royale games before?

Yeah, you would have played many popular action games such as PUBG, CALL OF DUTY and vice versa.

But. to be honest, there is nothing like this.

In this Battle Royale mode, you do not kill your opponents.

No killings whatsoever.

Instead, you have to compete with other opponents to send the game. It’s kind of like the previous mode like Country Streak where you have to guess every map location correctly.

One wrong answer and you will get eliminated from the competition.

When answering a question, you get a time-limit along with 3 chances in the form of Heart.

With every wrong answer, you lose a heart. Once, you’ve lost all the 3 heart, you get elimate from the GeoGuessr Battleroyale mode.

This continues until you remain the last period player.

The last person to stay in the competition wins the battle royale challenge.


The daily challenge is the last mode in this list.

This mode is quite similar to the Explorer mode. The only difference is here you have to complete the daily challenges.

The more accurate answers will give you better scores in the daily leaderboard.

The player receives the highest points is declared the winner of the day.

GeoGuessr Pricing

When gesture was first released it was free for everyone. However, over the time, it has added many new features, game modes and vice versa.

But still, you can use its free plan but its usage is quite limited.

And to manage all that, it has introduced Pro memberships. For instance, you can use all the available maps 1 time in a day.

However with the pro membership, there are no such restrictions.

The pricing of pro memberships comes in two plans:


If you purchase it’s monthly subscription plan, it costs $2.99. If you opt for annual plan, then you are charged $1.99 per month for year.


Group plan is divided into three groups:

Small Group

The small group can have 15 members at $39.99.

Medium Group

The medium group can have 30 members at $69.99 per month.

Large Group

Large group can have hundred members at $200 per month.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think over the years I have played any browser game better than GeoGuessr.

That is all for now.

Have you play this game before? If yes, then how was your overall experience? Do let me know in the comments section given below.

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