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How To Recycle Your Apple Computer

As we dwell in an era of the 21st century, one thing that carries out a sense of satisfaction in ourselves is technology. However, progressions in technology have been rampant, and since then, the epochal shift is fluctuating at a rapid pace (Read More). Not only it brings fulfillment, keeping our gadgets as up-to-date as possible will help in shaping our daily lives at ease.

While it gives us a perk from an array of technology breakthroughs, it is significant to know how it hugely impacts the world we live in. Today, as technology has been emerging, the number of electronic waste has continuously increased as per technology advancement. You might not notice it, but it drastically impacts our environment.

As you would probably know how Apple has been arising in technology, roughly 30 million Apple computers have been sold in the market. One could only think of the number of devices that are being disposed of. Notably, Apple has been releasing versions of computers, with 29.2% of macOS users worldwide. Six of them are the versions that have been released in the market.

However, most of the older versions have been disposed to get a new one. Most of the units were considered e-waste, resulting to having them sent to a landfill.

Conversely, despite being old, companies can recycle them for their functionality. Recycling your Apple computers can help other users to make use of the e-waste, and it will also reduce the waste that can be potentially harmful to the environment.

Harmful Effects Of E-Waste

E-waste exposure to extreme heat is detrimental to the atmosphere; this is among the significant ecological consequences of e-waste. The toxic released by these materials may then enter groundwater that threatens both terrestrial and marine wildlife. Thus, resulting in a pernicious effect in the water and air that might cause pollution in either.

If not recycled, most of these will end up in landfills, which are precariously damaging, striking the ecosystem holistically. Hence, it can impact human health and other living creatures.

Why Should You Recycle Yours?

While the harmful effects of improper disposal have been said, there are plenty of opportunities to recycle your Apple computers.

If your unit can hold as a second-hand device, they can sell it for a discounted price— refurbished.

If the device is no longer working for its functionality, the components are extracted to be either destroyed or reused. In that sense that, companies can reuse it again by shaping it into a new form. Nickel-based batteries can be used to produce stainless steel. Moreover, anything in the form of plastic can be melted down to be reused again for another purpose.

Most companies offer recycling for free, and some offer it for trading. Try this with your old Apple computer to help your environment.

How To Recycle Your Apple Computers?

If you see your unit as no-use or not in its vigorous form, have it recycled. Conveniently, you can recycle your Apple computer by offering it to a company buyer. As mentioned, most companies offer their service for free, so here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Save your files- have a backup.

Generally, Apple products have a built-in iCloud. In which you can save your files, photos, videos, notes, and more — securely. It syncs your records to have them accessed on a different unit so that you won’t be able to lose them.

Step 2: Remove all your data.

You have lived with your computer for many years, so make sure all the data have been removed. It is to ensure that your privacy is guarded, and there will be no risk in your sense of security.

Step 3: Ship it to the company of your choice.

Ensure that you have reset your unit to its original factory setting and all your files have been removed. Then, ship it to the company of your choice. Before shipping it out, make sure that the package is securely packed so that no further damages will be done to the unit.


Recycling your Apple computers is the best choice. Given the environmental factors that E-Waste can influence, we should be mindful of our every device’s replacement. Having it recycled will not only reduce the waste, but it will protect our environment as well.

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