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Important PPC Reporting Trends to Watch in 2021

PPC Reporting

Well, PPC reporting is a task, and a great report tells a story. It will be concise, clear, easy-to-read, and instantly if the ads move the needle to meet the business’s goals.

Sadly, most PPC reports don’t look like this. Most of the time, they are a hot mess of graphs, charts, and unorganized data thrown into a slide deck or spreadsheet.

So, most of the time, individuals are winding up and ignoring the reports while running a PPC ad campaign; they are based on intuition, which wastes a lot of money.

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising certainly has the potential to grow a business quickly by driving sales, attracting new leads, and lastly, increasing profit margins.

This success is contingent because knowing strategies for managing PPC campaigns is a skill, especially with the growth of immense PPC competition that businesses face nowadays.

PPC Reporting
PPC Reporting

PPC Report

A PPC report, as the name says it summarizes the results of PPC campaigns. The report, in general, is curated by looking at critical metrics of a campaign, such as CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPC (Cost Per Click), and CTR (Click Through Rate).

While examining these metrics, one can determine whether the goals are met or not and, if not working then, what needs improving. Needless to mention but a PPC report has to be well structured and should contain the correct metrics for marketers to see actual data.

Well, the structure of a PPC report needs to break things down to a granular level. This facilitates large amounts of data more digestible.

List of things to include in a PPC Report

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Cost Per Click
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Quality Score
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Impression Share

Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2021

Time to leverage automation

Automation is the latest buzzword in PPC marketing optimization. Today, automation is a powerful tool as it becomes more and more feasible for most companies to implement metrics in PPC campaigns and enhance their marketing campaign.

Prepare for lack of Data Visibility

Now the ongoing trend is Google’s push away from complete data visibility and control. We all know that Google Ads remove granular controls for user-specific targeting, and instead, they ask businesses to rely more on their machine learning counterpart.

This is a shift away from data transparency and moving towards a more reliant one on Google’s algorithm When combined with increased data handling regulations worldwide and the loss of tracking cookies, it’s time for marketers to do more with less.

Increase use of responsive ads

These are time-tested strategies for the optimization of campaigns. It eventually allows PPC marketers to develop headlines and descriptions as per ad.

These variations are combined to create different advertisements which may or may not successfully capture the audience’s attention. As known to all, responsive search ads aren’t a new strategy but are gaining popularity as Google further limits access to data.

These search ads let one design carefully crafted messages. They can be displayed and combined via machine learning to determine ad help the optimal combination. It is a great way to leverage automation in the service of PPC campaigns.

The Central Part of a Strategy is a Video

This is an excellent way to increase engagement in PPC strategy with the help of PPC reporting software. It is an essential part of the outreach and reaches potential audiences differently from other approaches.

In PPC, videos are known to feature less bidding competition than traditional text ads and also offer opportunities for segmented targeting.

In simple words, video ads are a viable way to expand outreach on other video channels and Youtube. As time goes on, the video will only continue to dominate the online environment.

On the contrary, be aware of video content as it takes more resources to produce than a standard basic text ad. Always ensure that the video must have strong production quality, with absolute clear audio and video visuals that support the information presented on screen.

Optimize for Voice

Market experts say voice search is a slow burn; not all users leverage it now, but more will jump on board with time. So do not make the mistake of reducing voice optimization efforts.

The rise of voice queries along with the digital-assisted search will require some changes to the existing processes. If in case not yet applying the start doing as the changes, now’s the time.

Below are Some Essential PPC Reports to Grow Business

  1. Real-time Performance Report
  2. Device Report
  3. KPI Trends Report
  4. Funnel Performance Report
  5. Cross Channel Report

Three critical PPC trends to watch out for

  1. Google’s ad data hub will be the gold mine
  2. Understanding the buyer’s journey
  3. Automation will play a crucial role


PPC reporting tools have a lot more things to offer than just a menial monthly task. It is a way to gain valuable insights about ad performance which helps to optimize future campaigns.

As an advertiser, one must incorporate PPC trends in marketing strategy to make the most out of a campaign. 2021 is all about automation and AI.

As these two take the front seat, more people will focus on each stage of the buyer’s journey, followed by using voice search to search for answers to their queries.

Experts say there will be a surge in VR-enabled video ads. Needless to add, marketers will embrace alternative PPC campaign platforms such as Quora, Linkedin, Reddit, and other media that would generate better ROI in 2021. Hence, 2021 has a bunch of whole new things in its bag to offer

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