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5 Best Sites to Find Expired Domains

Expired domains have a history. That means age and authority. Google gives a lot of credit to sites considered authoritative and trustworthy. With expired domains, you can leverage the power of these high-authority sites for your purposes.

That’s not to say that using expired domain names is always beneficial. For example, some expired domain names come with tons of spammy backlinks that can do serious harm to your SEO performance if you’re not careful.

Others might be banned from Google entirely, which means you’ll need to buy them from a domain marketplace and use them at your own risk. Or, worst-case, they could have been used for malicious purposes in the past (e.g., phishing or selling fake products), which also means they’re not suitable for public use unless you’ve purchased them and cleaned up their reputations. Let’s look at some of the best websites where you can find expired domains:


DomCop is a domain name search engine tool that can help you find high-quality domains. Because it’s easy to use and offers powerful filters to help you hone in on the best domains, DomCop is an excellent option for users looking to find cheap domains.

DomCop also provides users access to auction and drop lists, both of which can be valuable tools when you’re trying to find high-quality expired domains.

DomCop runs each domain name through these tests:

Spam Check – DomCop checks if there are any Google penalties on the domain, like Penguin or Panda, and if there’s any spammy link profile associated with it.

Search Check – DomCop checks if the domain ranks in Google for any keywords at all.

Backlinks Check – DomCop checks to see if the domain has backlinks from popular sites, like Facebook or Wikipedia.

Archive Check – DomCop checks if the domain was ever part of a public auction and then checks to see if there’s an active website attached to that domain name.


FreshDrop is a domain name search tool that can help you find domain names relevant to your business or products and services.

The service lets you find expired domains based on your desired keywords and other factors, like the keyword’s search volume, estimated cost per click (CPC) value of the domain, and domain age.

If you’re looking to sell expired domains for profit in the future, FreshDrop can be a helpful tool to use. However, if you’re looking for a way to get more traffic to your site without paying for it, you’ll need another strategy.

You can use FreshDrop to find expired domains easily if you know what you want from a domain. By using its domain search functionality and setting up alerts, you can find domains that fit your requirements quickly and efficiently.


Business domains are set to expire every single day. With PBN Lab, you can be one of the first to find these domains and register them for your personal or professional use.

This domain crawler lets you search for expired domains manually by entering specific keywords or any combination of numbers and letters. However, if you’re unsure about the particular keywords you’d like to use, this domain crawler also allows you to search for expired domains with a keyword planner.

Once you’ve decided if your search will be manual or automated, the results will come in quickly — usually within several minutes or less. PBN Lab can deliver results so quickly because it crawls sites worldwide. The search results will give you all pertinent information about each location, including its extension and metrics such as trust and citation flow. These metrics allow you to sort through the results using filters so that only those with specific attributes show up in your results.

To verify site quality, PBN Lab checks links on each site using industry-standard metrics such as Moz Checker, Majestic Checker, and Wayback Machine Checker. This gives buyers peace of mind that they’re purchasing a quality expired domain name.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Finding expired domains is a tricky business. If you’re new to the process, you don’t want to waste time and energy on a tool that doesn’t work. Domain Hunter Gatherer is one of the simplest expired domain crawlers out there — and it works.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is an expired domain name finder that crawls the web to uncover recently expired domains that are relevant to your business.

This software was created specifically for internet marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs. The reason it’s so useful is because it helps you find high-authority domains that other users may have already abandoned. is a free service for finding expired domains, deleted domains, and dropped domains. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it has no restrictions on the number of searches or filters you can run at once.

You can search for expired domains, dropped domains and deleted domains by entering the domain name you are interested in purchasing (e.g.,, select the desired extensions (.com, .net, etc.), enter a date range, and choose different parameters to filter your results:

Quality – a score based on Alexa traffic rank, Majestic Trust Flow & Citation Flow metrics, Domain Age, record availability, and other factors.

Link Popularity – a score that indicates the number of backlinks pointing to the domain.

Backlinks – a list of all backlinks pointing to each domain in your search results.

Whois History – Whois records listed chronologically with additions and deletions highlighted for easy recognition.

Final Words

So, these are some of the popular expired domain finder platforms you can use.

If you’ve found the desired domain or need any help in the process, do let us know in the comments section.

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