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8 Top War Tips to Achieve High Rank Quickly

Top War Tips

You’re a lowly private in some massive military force, and you want to rise through the ranks to get more power and responsibility and eventually become a god-like commander who can crush any foe singlehandedly. This is the Top War video game for you but with less totalitarianism.

Top War is an exciting blend of different genres, combining real-time strategy with card collecting and hero leveling elements. That said, while the game may seem overwhelming at first, there’s surprisingly little you need to know to play it well.

For example, there are no resources to manage, no complicated base-building mechanics, and no overly complex combat systems. On the other hand, most of the game involves a lot of waiting (especially if you don’t pay), so if you want a good-looking RTS that plays itself from time to time, this could be a good fit for you.

However, if you do want to master the game and become the best at it (or at least have your private army), here are some of our top war tips to help give you a leg up over everyone else.

8 Top War Tips

Keep a Close Eye on Your Inventory

If you’re in the game for a long haul, and we certainly hope you are, then your inventory will be one of your most prized possessions.

The game is filled with items that help you gain more power and speed up your progression through the game. So whenever you’re not sure how to make progress, take a look at your inventory, and you’ll find out that there are dozens of items just waiting to be used on your island.

We suggest keeping an eye on the following item categories: Building Upgrades, War Room Upgrades, Troop Merging Levels, Power Items (shields, shields for specific troops), etc.

Complete Every Quest That Comes in your Way

The quests can be located on the left side of the bottom of the screen. The quests are available only when some special events are made available by the developers. Quests are only available for a short time, and these quests can grant you coins, gems, and some other rewards too. So always prioritize competing for those quests to obtain some rewards.

Tapping on to the grind button can take the players to check their events and the quests for rewards. The quests can also be obtained for winning battles, upgrading your troops, upgrading your base, etc. Completing these quests will help you get high in leaderboards and help you beat all war games.

Upgrade your core buildings as soon as possible

To upgrade buildings and troops in Top War, you need resources generated by resource buildings. There are four types of resource buildings, one of each resource in the game: wood, metal, silicon, and oil. The higher their levels are, the more resources they produce per hour.

Since this is the only way to collect resources throughout the game (aside from simply buying them with real money), you must upgrade these buildings as soon as possible.

Focus on upgrading them simultaneously so that they can generate enough resources for all the upgrades that you need down the line (and believe us when we say that there will be many

Merge. Absolutely. Everything

There is no reason to stay in the 6th League if you’re starting. After all, there’s almost nothing to do and no rewards to earn. So instead, keep merging until you are ready to move up to a higher league, where you will unlock new features and get access to more challenging enemy alliances.

To do this, make sure that your base level is always as high as possible for your current League. In other words, don’t skip merges every time a building requires a higher base level than you have.

It is crucial for your alliance success in Top War that your fellow alliance members are active and helps each other out. So if you are running your alliance, be sure to recruit only those players that show an interest in participating in alliance activities and helping the rest of the group reach their goals.

Purchase War Room Upgrades Whenever Possible

You can purchase upgrades whenever you have enough gold, materials, and XP to do so. While the early upgrades only require gold and XP, you’ll need more materials later on, such as Dark Elixir, which is a premium resource you can obtain by raiding other players’ bases for it.

However, suppose you don’t have enough Dark Elixir readily available or want a less risky way of obtaining it. In that case, you can choose to purchase Dark Elixir refills via in-app purchases. The same goes for other hard-to-obtain resources like Gems and Gold.

You should also note that the War Room upgrades are divided into Army, Hero, Barracks, Spells Factory, and Resource Production, which means they will be unlocked at different times. Hence, if you find yourself unable to upgrade your army units because there are no more upgrades under the Army category just yet, feel free to focus on other categories like Hero or Barracks instead.

Hunt Enemies in the World Map

You’ll need to fight these enemies on the world map to collect upgrade materials and level up your base, but also because the enemies on the world map are another way to get a lot of resources. By defeating enemies, you’ll receive a ton of resources and upgrade materials, which will be very useful for boosting your buildings, your army, and your heroes.

Another thing worth mentioning is that while hunting those enemies will hunt your essential resources, they might also drop other rewards such as hero recruitment vouchers or even hero fragments! While these are pretty rare drops and won’t appear often, they are bound to happen eventually; and if they do drop for your base, it’s a great way to get a fabulous new hero for free!

Upgrade Your Hero Characters

Your Heroes will be your primary source of power in Top War. They can’t participate in battles themselves, but their unique skills can turn the tide of War. These skills are activated by simply clicking on the hero you want to use and then clicking the skill button at the bottom left of the screen.

Many players have noticed that their Heroes seem to level up very slowly because they do level up differently than any other unit. While you can use experience books to help them gain XP faster, it’s still a relatively slow process.

The best way to upgrade your heroes quickly is by using hero shards, which you can get through events or via spending diamonds in the shop. Of course, it is possible to get them through gift packs as well, but these events don’t happen very often, so it’s not something you should rely on too much.

Another great way to improve your heroes is by maximizing their potential with research recruits, though this method will cost you gold.

If you have enough gold to spare and want to try this method, click on the research recruit button in the main menu and choose which hero you want to improve from there. Be aware that your results will be random before committing to it.

Send Out Scouts Often

Scouting is an integral part of prepping for battle in most strategy games. You’ll want to know what kind of enemies you’re dealing with, as well as their level. In Top War, scouting is the only way to get a good idea of what kind of enemy you’re up against before attacking.

After you scout them once, it will tell you what kind of units they have and their level. You can also gain resources through scouting by using the spy button during the pre-fight selection process.

I recommend sending out scouts at least once before every battle, but if you’re short on time and need to make a quick decision on who to fight, then send out another if your first attack fails.


Now that you have access to the most valuable strategies, start implementing them to improve your top war gameplay right away.

That’s all for now.

If you need any further guidance in improving your overall gameplay, do let us know in the comments section below.

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