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How Nerfing is Ruining Helldivers 2?

I’ve been playing Helldivers 2 for a while now, and something has been bugging me as the DevOps keeps nerfing in-game weapons.

Every time we get used to a gun and start liking it, it gets nerfed and doesn’t work like it used to.

This is frustrating. Whenever we find something fun in the game, it gets taken away or made less powerful.

And it isn’t just me—every Helldiver 2 player feels the same. We’re trying to have a good time, but these nerfs make us rethink our strategy. Plus, new stuff that should be exciting is getting lost because we’re all focused on what got nerfed.

I think the game devops could handle this better—If there’s a nerf too powerful, maybe they can tweak it and tone it down instead of introducing major changes.

Worst Nerfing Outcomes in Helldivers 2 History?

The various examples of nerfing include changes to weapons such as the Railgun, Breaker, Arc Thrower, and Slugger:

  1. Railgun Nerf: We received a Nerf before adapting to the Railgun. It now requires 3 shots to take down chargers and has become less effective against tanks and hulks in unsafe mode. This change significantly altered my approach and the weapon’s utility in my arsenal.
  2. Breaker Nerf: I was particularly disappointed by the Nerf to the Breaker. The reduction of 3 bullets felt minor initially, but in the long run, it affected my gameplay in practice. On higher difficulties, where the Breaker’s efficiency against basic enemies was one of its core strengths, it now feels less rugged and versatile.
  3. Arc Thrower Nerf: The nerf to the Arc Thrower’s range hit hard. The adjustment came alongside a patch to its faster attack speed exploit. Its inability to “snipe” as effectively as before has made it challenging to use against certain enemies, reducing its place in my strategies.
  4. Slugger Nerf: The decision to nerf the Slugger puzzled me the most. Its capability to stunlock bigger enemies and devastators was much needed in my gameplay, especially in tight situations. The Nerf felt unnecessary, leading me to question the explanation behind weakening such an effective tool in my loadout.

These examples prove how Helldivers 2 is becoming less enjoyable as good guns are continuously nerfed in successive updates, reducing their effectiveness and ability to deal with higher-difficulty enemies.

Pros. and Cons. of Nerfing in Helldivers 2?


  1. Balanced Gameplay – Nerfs are typically aimed at balancing the gameplay, ensuring no single weapon or strategy is overwhelmingly powerful, leading to a more varied and strategic play style.
  2. Encourages Diversity – By reducing the effectiveness of overused weapons, players are encouraged to experiment with other weapons and strategies, thereby diversifying gameplay experiences.
  3. Adjusts Game Difficulty – Certain nerfs can adjust the difficulty on higher levels, making challenging content feel more rewarding when completed.
  4. Bug and Exploit Fixes – Some nerfs address exploits (e.g., the Arc Thrower’s faster attack speed exploit), ensuring the game remains fair and competitive.


  1. Player Dissatisfaction – Nerfs leads to player dissatisfaction when favorites are toned down, affecting the game’s overall enjoyment.
  2. Shifting Meta – Constant nerfs can lead to a constantly changing meta, which might frustrate players who always adapt to new tactics and feel their effort in learning certain aspects is invaluable.
  3. Reduced Effectiveness – Weapon nerfs can sometimes overly reduce the effectiveness of specific strategies or weaponry, leaving players feeling handicapped against previously manageable threats.
  4. Lack of Communication and Transparency – Players often express frustration over the reasoning behind some nerfs, feeling that the developers make changes without adequate explanation or communication.
  5. Possible Shift Away from Core Issues – Focusing on nerfing weapons or mechanics may detract from addressing the game’s core issues, such as enemy variety, AI behavior, or mission design.

In summary, Helldivers 2 devs are nerfing to create a balanced and fair gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Which weapon nerf do you find most concerning?

A – In my opinion, the changes to the Breaker are the most impactful. Having used the Breaker extensively, the changes to its ammo capacity and how it behaves overall have altered its place in my arsenal.

Q – Which primary weapon should I use against medium armor enemies?

A – From my perspective, the Scorcher and the plasma shotgun remain solid choices after the nerfs. They retain most of their original effectiveness and can still handle medium-armor enemies relatively well.

Q – Were there other changes to the game apart from the weapon modifications?
A – Yes, reducing game difficulty levels is a significant change that has made the gameplay significantly more manageable, particularly regarding cooldowns and call-in times. However, whether they make up for the nerfs is subjective and varies from player to player.

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