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Ranking the Top 7 Boosters in Helldivers 2

Here’s my ranking on the top 7 boosters of Helldivers 2 that have helped me take my gameplay to the next level.

From running longer to getting more help on the field, check out this list of my favorite Helldivers 2 boosters by ranking.

7. UAV Recon Booster

Bringing up the rear, the UAV Recon Booster is more of a situational enhancement than a universally beneficial one.

UAV Recon Booster extends the radar range, making it beneficial for those on recon-heavy missions where situational awareness is critical.

But don’t think too much, as it doesn’t directly affect combat capabilities. This is one of the reasons why I’ve placed it at the lower end of our list.

How to Get It?

Objective: Enhances radar range.


  • Reach Page 6 in the Free Battle Pass.
  • Earn 40 Medals by completing missions and objectives.
  • Claim the booster on the Battle Pass page.

6. Hellpod Space Optimisation

This booster is a godsend when starting missions. This booster ensures that Helldivers hit the ground fully stocked.

While not as necessary as in-mission advantages, the Hellpod Space Optimisation gives you an edge early in the mission to set the tone for the operation ahead.

How to Get It?

Objective: Start missions fully stocked.


  • Progress to Page 3 in the Free Battle Pass.
  • Accumulate 15 Medals by participating in online matches and various challenges.
  • Unlock the booster on the corresponding Battle Pass page.

5. Muscle Enhancement

Muscle Enhancement is truly a trusty secondary weapon. Although it’s not always the star of your gameplay, when the terrain becomes challenging, you’ll find it to be your only savior.

Plus, this booster makes it easy for you to navigate complex landscapes. That’s why I’ve placed this booster above Hellpod Space Optimisation and UAV Recon Booster to help you enhance your mission durability.

How to Get It?

Objective: Ease of traversal over challenging terrain.


  • Advance to Page 9 in the Free Battle Pass.
  • Collect 70 Medals via missions or special operations.
  • Activate the booster from the Battle Pass rewards.

4. Vitality Enhancement

When playing Helldivers 2, you can’t ignore the human factor.

Vitality Enhancement reduces the risk of injury, giving each Helldiver a thicker skin. A boosted resistance to damage is invaluable for longevity in the field.

Therefore making it a perfect choice for fourth place.

How to Get It?

Objective: Improves resistance to injury.


  • Reach Page 4 in the Free Battle Pass.
  • Earn 20 Medals through successful missions and team play.
  • Access and claim this enhancement from the Battle Pass.

3. Stamina Enhancement

The Stamina Enhancement booster claims the bronze medal in our rankings.

Having that extra pedal to the metal when sprinting across the chaotic battlefields of Helldivers 2 can be the difference between mission success and failure.

With increased stamina capacity and faster recovery, it’s a must-have for agile squads.

How to Get It?

Objective: Boosts stamina capacity and recovery.


  • Proceed to Page 7 in the Free Battle Pass.
  • Achieve 75 Medals by accomplishing in-game tasks and event participation.
  • Claim your booster as part of the Battle Pass rewards.

2. Increased Reinforcement Budget

The Increased Reinforcement Budget is an almost indispensable booster. Increasing the number of reinforcements adds a substantial buffer to your team’s survivability.

This key strategic advantage earns it our runner-up position.

How to Get It?

Objective: Grants additional reinforcements.


  • Navigate to Page 10 in the Free Battle Pass.
  • Gather 150 Medals, the highest requirement, reflecting the booster’s value.
  • Secure the booster by claiming it on the designated Battle Pass page.

1. Flexible Reinforcement Budget

Taking the top spot is the Flexible Reinforcement Budget booster.

The ability to refill your reinforcement pool quickly can turn the tide of any battle. It ensures that even if things go south, your squad has a fighting chance to regroup and rally, displaying the very heart of Helldivers’ cooperative spirit.

How to Get It?

Objective: Reduces wait time for new reinforcements.


  • This booster is part of the Premium Battle Pass.
  • The 75 required medals can be earned like the free pass but in a quicker manner with premium tasks and challenges.
  • Activate your booster upon claiming it at the appropriate Battle Pass tier.


In the end, the choice of booster should align with your mission’s demands and your squad’s playstyle. However, the reinforcement-related boosters edge out the competition due to their profound impact on team sustainability under fire. So gear up, strategize wisely, and dive into battle with these boosters to secure your objectives — and survival.

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