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14 Ugly Animal Crossing Villagers in New Horizons [2022]

Ugly Animal Crossing Villagers

Regarding the social simulation gaming genre, Animal Crossing is one of the most popular gaming series.

Ever since this game originated in 2001, it’s still running high with the following recent release:

And over the years, these games have maintained the popularity of this franchise.

Even though most Animal crossing games are exclusive to the Nintendo gaming consoles, what if you don’t own one yourself?

How could you play this game?

It’s pretty easy. All you got to do is:

  1. Install an Emulator on your device.
  2. Download Animal Crossing ROM from safe ROM sites.
  3. And lastly. Open the downloaded ROM file in the emulator installed on your Windows & Mac PC.

That’s how I managed to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on my PC but unfortunately ended up discovering some ugly animal crossing villagers.

So, going forward in this post, I’ll list 14 ugly animal crossing villagers:

14 UGLY Animal Crossing Villagers


Biskit is the first on our list, a kind dog with eyes unquestionably the most lifeless in history.

They make you feel uncomfortable just looking at them, and every social encounter with him is an unsettling experience, no matter how friendly and pleasant his demeanor is.


Limberg is easily one of the most frightening-looking villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. When encountered in the game, his five o’clock stubble and strange grin can’t help but elicit cries of “stranger danger.”

He is usually grumpy and irritable than people with a typical attitude. He has earned the reputation of being furious when the player disagrees or refuses to do him a favor.


Bella is a mischievous mouse villager with an appearance that suggests she’s up to no good. However, as a personality type, Bella is frequently lively and amiable towards the player, given her disposition.

Although she is typically in a good mood, Bella has a strong bias for overreacting to the slightest of conversations.

Given that her overall character is friendly and pleasant but occasionally aggravating, it’s a mystery why Nintendo made her seem like she was always scheming something evil against the player.


I didn’t say that Biskit had the most soulless eyes in history.

I was only kidding when I said it.

Coco, a rabbit villager, was created to appear precisely as the gyroids players have seen in previous Animal Crossing games. Her pitch-black pupils are as endless as they are foreboding.


In a few Animal Crossing games, Harry has been a cranky hippo villager. However, due to his thick, unkempt beard, he is intended to seem like a slob.

He also has an unkempt appearance, as he is constantly seen wearing a camouflage tank top that does nothing to improve his overall appearance. Harry’s irritable disposition only makes things worse.


Not only that, but perhaps we’ll see Rodney on the list of the not-so-desirable people in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Despite only appearing in New Leaf and New Horizons, Rodney has become one of the most detested villagers in the franchise since his debut.

The way his face looks like he is always bored with everything that is going on around him is one of the reasons why most fans despise him. His superior attitude also fails to assist, especially when he boasts about how cool and unique he is, even though he isn’t.


Tabby’s unusual facial expression is enough to earn her a spot on our list. Between her enormous flared nostrils and permanent tooth grimace, she’s the epitome of repulsive.

The brown stripes (are they hairs? Or are they markings?) on top of her head don’t help matters much.

Her shirt, which mimics an x-ray scan of a ribcage, adds to her odd appearance. On the one hand, the design corresponds with her head stripes, but it is kept back by its overall strangeness on another.


Barold stands out in every way. His thick facial hair, fat pink lips, and squinty eyes are all quite frightening, and his style is no exception. While it’s true that the yellow-and-black tiger stripe pattern on his shirt matches the inside of his ears, it’s still not very attractive.


Hazel is a beautiful girl with a great personality. Her eyes are adorable, her cheeks are charming, her red jacket complements her hair nicely, she has a stylish swirl on her tail, and the color of her ears adds to the attractiveness. Hazel’s unibrow is also fantastic.

But once you notice her thick, black unibrow that overwhelms everything else and spoils her appearance, none of it is easy to understand.


Cube, on the other hand, appears dead. This is owing to his X-shaped eyes, which have become synonymous with corpses in cartoons. Aside from this, Cube seems to be rather lovely, although his piercing and frightening eyes make them challenging to overlook.


Rasher, an irritable pig who appears to be tough and has eyes that seem a little shady, is the main subject. When he speaks or sings, he exposes his huge fangs.

Somehow, the hue of his pink hooves was intended to match the inside of his ears, but the maroon tone of his body makes them clash. He is undoubtedly and notoriously one of the ugliest pig villagers.


Prince’s bright green hue and dark green shade around his mouth appear to make sense and somehow match his personality as a lounging frog villager.

His perpetually frowning but wiggly smile, on the other hand, doesn’t quite fit and puts him at the bottom of the least-cute list. What appears to be a tan region around his mouth is his lips, yet the animation is unclear here, and it doesn’t function.


Benjamin is the most unfortunate-looking dog in the game with a lazy demeanor who only cares about bugs and food. He’s bright yellow and has a labrador retriever vibe to his personality.

His goatee is a black-and-white striped bandana, and he has big downward-angled bushy brows, orange-red beady eyes, and a peculiar arched piglike snout. Unfortunately, for a dog with such a laidback attitude, his features appear to be rather intense. As a result, he isn’t regarded as cute by most.


His furrowed brow and single bucktooth gave him his moniker. He has a bilious temperament, so he might need a little time to warm up to the player. Hamphrey is something of a pet project for me.

You’ll adore this sweet gentleman’s adorable woolen vest and angry brows. Plus, once you become pals with him, you feel unique. At first, you may not care for your irritable villagers, but give them a chance to get to know you!

Final Words

This list of 14 Ugly Animal Crossing Villagers is based on my personal preference.

If you think an in-game villager has missed the mention in this list then do share its name in the comments section given below.

If deemed necessary, I would definitely add him/her to the list.

That’s all for now.

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