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Animal crossing pocket camp download for IOS

As you know we are living in the technical era and we can experience everything whatever we want. Even we can feel the surroundings of animals via our smartphones. There are tones of mobile games to amuse ourselves and we can sharpen our tactics also with these games. But today we are going to discuss a quite different game via which you can enjoy the company of animals. No more confusion now, I am talking about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Lots of users are waiting for the creation of Nintendo but the bad news is that the game will release worldwide till late November. But if you want to enjoy the Animal Crossing pocket camp before the official release then you have reached the right page. We will describe the easiest steps to download the game on your iOS device but before it throws some light on its existing features.

How to download and play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on iOS
download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on iOS

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for iOS

Nintendo is known for its outstanding games and Super Mario Run is the most innovative creation of the company. Animal Crossing also comes with unique features which make the game outstanding. If you want to shed off your tiredness being the lone player on the unknown battleground then it is a good idea to live with animals in the calm surroundings of the village. You just need to make your campsite with available resources to survive with animals.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Amazing attires

  • Amazing 3D graphics in a cartoon style which will definitely make you smile.
  • You are free to create and design your campsite, camper, and cabin in the way you want.
  • There are different events a whole year from where you can gather themed items.
  • Over 1000 types of Furniture and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories to select to customize your campsite and your character’s look.
  • Over 100 animals with odd personalities.
  • One of the best features of the game is that you can communicate with other players in the game
  • You can also invite other players to visit your campsite to upgrade your friendship.

How to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on iOS

The game is available only in Australia and if you are not living in Australia then you can also download and install the game with these simple steps. So have a look below to be familiar with the whole process:

  • The initial step is to sign out your Apple id. For the same, you need to open up settings and at the top, you will notice your name, click on it. You will find a new window just scroll down and sign out your apple id.
  • After signing out try to download an app from the store and it will ask you to sign in to or create a new Apple id.
  • Now you have to make a new Apple id with your Gmail, Yahoo, or with which you want.
  • After created verify your username.
  • Then it will ask to select the country in which you live. You have to tap on Australia as you know Animal Crossing Pocket camp is only available there.
  • Another most important step is the payment option. You will get three options: Credit card, Paypal and None, you have to choose None.
  • Now your new email address gets into play. You need to log into that account to determine your new Apple id. After hitting the verify link it will ask to sign in again, do the same.
  • Now you are able to open the Australian app store and here you will find the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Download it and enjoy on your iOS device.

Wrap up

Few components of the game can’t be accessed without a credit card such as in-app purchases so you have to satisfied with the limited features. Enjoy the lite version of the game till it will be available in your country.

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