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Intelligent Apps: The College Essay Writing App

Essay Writing App

Smartphone applications are nothing new. The number of applications that are introduced each day is increasing, so it comes as no surprise that college students have now got access to essay writing application services such as the College Essay Writing App.

This app has been developed to help the user avoid having to struggle with complicated screens and requests. It is nicely laid out with a simple request section. The app has a section whereby you have to pick the type of article essay that you want to have written. For example, if you want an article writing about music, you can select the music section on the app and this will narrow the writers down to writers who like or are experienced in writing about music. You are also able to supply a title to the app’s request section so that the selected writer knows the subject title they will be writing about as well as the genre.

The Request Process

Most apps are easy to follow and the College Essay Writing App by is no different. It is nicely laid out with very simple and easy to follow instructions and all you have to do is input the title, as mentioned above, select the type of article you want to be written and finally set the deadline that you want the article to be completed for.

It is good advice to make sure you allow plenty of time between your actual submission date and the date you require the writer to complete the article for you. This will give you time to be able to check the submitted article once you receive it back and allow you time to get any amendments that you may require. If you have more requested for more than one article to be completed, there is a handy section that you can use to see all your pending requests.

You are also able to see any completed requests in a particular month too. This function is fantastic as you’re able to give yourself a month review of what you have ordered. As you have to pay for the article request upfront, you can rest assured that the amount you have paid will then supply the article that you have requested, without the need to find money at the end of the process. This also helps with budgeting for this type of service.

The Notification Centre

The app notification center allows you to see when something new has occurred on the app. This is great for students as they are able to see a quick snapshot of any progress. It could be something as simple as that article they have requested has been completed and been uploaded so it is ready for the student to review.

As students tend to have limited time, this app is a brilliant time-saving device as it allows students to conduct and focus on other aspects of their studies whilst they know that their article was written and will be submitted and ready for them once completed, in their smartphone device. This makes the whole process so user-friendly that ordering multiple essays is 100% stress-free.


As you can see, the College Essay Writing App is a vital tool for today’s student. It helps students with time management, as they are able to request articles quite easily. It also gives students the opportunity to view their articles. This way, they know that once they have submitted an article request to a professional writer, they can feel confident knowing that it will hit the required standard of their course.

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