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Kill Those 11 Types of Smartphone Apps Which Ruin Your Life

Yes, you heard it right. Just like you, I am also an bit of smartphone addictive and after killing of my few hours, i started feeling guilt about it. Not only this, I feel loneliness. However, I have a smart girlfriend who understands me, lovely parents and healthy environment all around me but there is something which depress me.

So, I tried to figure out those things which is actually killing my common-sense and ruining my life day by day and today, I am going to tell you 11 types of smartphone apps which are making us (human being) dumb. Let’s dive in…

11 Types of Smartphone apps that make our life Dumb!

1. Apps Like CleanMaster:

In 2019, we are having inbuilt storage cleaning and memory booster feature so eventually, we don’t need Clean master or apps like cleanmaster. Now, few of you will say that cleanmaster also works like as an antivirus but who need antivirus?

Frankly speaking, you don’t need RAM saving apps, performance boosting apps, battery saver, phone charging apps and antiviruses on your phone.

2. Untrustworthy/ Dubious Apps or Websites

There are lot of times when these dubious apps or website comes into existence such as:

  • While offering premium access of any website or app for free!
  • By offering crack or mod apk of any app and game
  • By offering high speed internet access into your browser!
  • By offering enticing features such as privacy protection etc.

I recommend you to don’t go for such dubious apps because it’s always healthy to pay for your privacy protection and to pay for your entertainment purposes too.

Today, A small mistake could cost you alot because we got all sort of documentation, bank details, autosave password and so on in our pocket and if someone got that access, he can destroy your life atleast for once.

If you wants to download app from third party website, you need to be sure about legality of that app. Even, you can check out legality of apps on our “Hi Tech Gazette” website too.

3. Apps that Sell Our Privacy!

Don’t use those apps which share or sale our privacy information to any 3rd party company! You must need to do your own research (DYOR) and overview their term & condition before accepting to use them.

4. Unnecessary and Pointless apps

While researching and writing on this topic, i have found that’s true! We have lot of unnecessary and pointless apps in our smartphone which are just killing our space. So Just remove those apps from our smartphone and enjoy!

5. Apps that depress you –

As I said while starting my article that I go depress after using apps for so long. Do you know, how many health issues and cases we are going through after using smartphone for so long? If not, check out here:

Just give break to your social media apps and especially “selfie apps” which tells you to beautify your image but actually as we knows, simplicity is the best weapon of fashion! Even, if you are simple guy posting your picture on social media, that will give you boost and will never ever depress you for sure.

6. Apps that Pretend to Protect Your Privacy!

Don’t use free apps that pretend to protect your privacy but actually don’t do it! Yes, I am talking about VPN here. I am not telling you that don’t use VPN. Definitely use VPN but not free! It’s good to pay few bucks for your privacy.

7. Apps that cost you a lot of time and you end up living your life!

In this gaming era, PubG, Minecraft, Candy crush saga apps cost us alot of time on a daily basis and if you knows about “Law of compound interest”, you must be worried about it. There may be day when you warn to your grandson “I wanted to do this but didn’t get a time. I have waster all my time in those apps which didn’t add value to my life, Don’t do this!”. So be a guy who knows the value of the time and add courage of denying these sorts of app, denying instant experience for killing your time.

If you are really lover of those apps, atleast learn to manage time. Time management will help you to save your life from these useless apps.

8. Flash Light Apps

It’s a great tool for the hackers! There are lot of phishing and hacking issues connected with the flash light apps so if there is any app which asks you to allow the access of flash light app, I recommend you to avoid such apps.

9. Try to avoid third party websites

Don’t download apps from those website which are unsecure and having lot of bugs, errors and reports online! Even, you can check out the reviews of those websites online and if you feel phishy about that website, don’t go for it!

10. Apps which abuse!

Don’t use Apps which promotes adult, casino based content or content that promotes fear or scarcity around children!

11. Apps which provide you access to free and password protected Wi-Fi

Do you want free wifi? can you offer free wifi to others while doing any important work? Obviously not, but what if is there any app which offering you same? Why those apps offering access to private wifi?

If you do this, there might be issue of hacking your smartphone so just avoid any such illegal stuff.

Finally, I am sure that there are atleast few types of smartphone apps which you will definitely wants to kill! Please let me know “which point interests you the most and why?”. Also, if you have any suggestion related to overuse of any such app or if you have any idea to save yourself from smartphone addictive, you can share us in a comment box.

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