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Best 5 Cleaner App For Android | Clean Master Alternatives

The idea of cleaning your android phone from time to time is best for your android phone, It helps in enhancing the battery life, improving the performance of your android phone and also helps your phone declutter all the junk files. If you think that your phone has slowed down then you should surely install a cleaner app for your android. Clean master happens to be the most popular app for cleaning your android phone but there are many other apps as well that you can install for your android device.

Best Cleaner Apps That You Can Use For Your Android:

1. Systweak Android Cleaner

This is a really great optimization and cleaning app, this app named Systweak Android Cleaner helps in improving your device’s performance. The app will clean the junk files, would help you to duplicate files and even helps with the biggest phone issue that is saving the battery of the android phone.

Other features:
This wonderful app works as a cache cleaner and also RAM Optimizer. You can clean the cache manually in this app by tapping the Phone Boost button, also you can schedule the optimization is you want.

  • This app also works as a Game Booster. It also helps in freeing up the RAM.
  • This App Manager also enables the detection so that you can know about all the unused apps that  can use up your memory so that you can uninstall the unwanted application.

This app manager also helps in removing all the duplicate files and it also helps in decluttering your device.

2. Ccleaner

Ccleaner is a brilliant alternative to Clean Master for Android. This app manager also efficiently optimizes, helps in cleaning your phone and boosting the speed.

Features of Ccleaner

  • This app manager will have an easy and intuitive user interface.
  • This app will scan and delete all the caches, will help you in downloading the folders, browser history and a lot more.
  • This app manager also keeps an eye on CPU usage, RAM, battery levels and also the temperature.

This app manager also enables you to uninstall multiple unwanted applications very quickly.

3. 360 Security

360 Security is a great app that would help in optimizing your Android device and will help in boosting improves the device’s performance.

Other Features:

  • This app helps in cleaning the memory of your device and helps in boosting the performance of your android phone.
  • This app manager also works just like an Antivirus and security app that will safeguard your device against things like malware, adware, virus.
  • This app will also help you functioning as CPU cooler and battery saver.

This app also contains a great feature of Anti-theft that will help you in safeguarding your data.

4. Du Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner

Du Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner is a great alternative to Clean Master for your Android. This app helps in cleaning cache and junk files and will help in keeping your device more efficient.

Features of Du Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner

  • This app will boost the efficiency of your android by decluttering your RAM.
  • This app also works as an Antivirus and security app that keeps your system safe from malware, adware, virus, trojan etc.
  • This app also helps in providing you with the app lock for safeguarding your privacy.

5. The Cleaner

This is a great optimization app that has a great interface.

Other Features:

  • This app also helps in freeing up the memory that will boost your system performance.
  • This is a great App Manager that will help you to uninstall all the unwanted apps together.
  • This app is also a great game booster.
  • This app will also help you in scheduling the optimization of your device so that you can increase the performance of your device.

Thus, these are the best cleaner apps that you can use for your android phone and boost your device’s performance. Go and install these apps and increase the efficiency of your android phone. If anyone knows another best cleaning app, then share with us in our comment box.

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