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5 Free & Best Sleep Apps for Android & iPhone 2018

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common problems in everyone’s life in today’s era. Today’s lifestyle is one of the major factors for sleep disorders. Good and quality sleep is very important for good health. Insufficient sleep is one of the major reasons for depression, heart problems and many other health problems.

Sometimes it can be easier to get in bed and snug into it. But other times are much harder to relax and shut the eyes to get sleep. Even reading in bed, a cup of green tea and brisk walk can’t do their job. For such cases, we have made a list of apps which helps to relax and keep track of your personal sleep patterns.

These apps are available in Play store for Android and iTunes for IOS. Some of them are free and others are paid apps. But these apps make sure to relax you and track your day and night activities.

Best 5 Sleep Apps | Useful in our Daily Life:

Let’s list out a few free sleep apps: –

Sleep cycle: – is based on our sleep patterns. This app uses the accelerometer to record our movements while we are sleeping. It automatically detects whether we are in light sleep, deep sleep or dream state. Sleep cycle record our sleeping habits not only to wake us up rather track the quality of sleep. It chooses the 30 minutes window to sound the alarm rather than the pinpoint time. It tracks our movements during sleep, as it notes our light sleep in alarm window, it sounds alarmed to make sure, we feel fresh and relax.
Relax Melodies: – if you are a person who can’t relax on its own to get into bed than this app is made for you. This one is developed keeping in mind about insomniac patients. Relax melodies help you to relax and take a restful sleep over night. We can mix the relaxing music with soothing melodies and it will result in the relaxed mind. We can even integrate these melodies with our favorite songs from the music library and enjoy as per our taste. This can result in peace and harmony in our mind and we can relax to the core and get some sound sleep.
SleepBot: – this is one of the free available apps which helps to track the sleep time and wake up time. SleepBot keeps track and logs of good sleep. It records our movements while we sleep. SleepBot uses phone’s sensors to keep track of our sleep pattern and movements. It helps in keeping track of sound sleep and deep sleep.
Noisli: – relaxes us with the use of ambient sounds and colors. It helps in distracting background noises, which helps in improving concentration, inner peace, and productivity. Noisli helps in maintaining the perfect environment for meditation, yoga, and sleep. Noisli helps in the soothing mood, releasing stress, and taking sound sleep. It helps us to take power naps using its built-in countdown timer, for time ticking. It even helps in relaxing headaches and migraines.
Digipill: – this is one of the best apps, I have ever used. It helps us to reduce stress, increase motivation, lose weight, and reduce insomnia, relaxed and peaceful mind. This is based on taking digital pills. This digital pill means, it will treat you in the same way to relax your mind accordingly. Like taking and sleep deeply pill means relaxing your mind to get sound and deep sleep. Peace of mind pill is prescribed for easing anxiety and Power nap is for the refreshing mind.
 If you are using any of the above app, we request you to add your experience of that app which will help our users to decide. Apart from this, do you know any free or paid app which is better than above apps in Health Segment? If yes, let us know and we will like to feature that app in our blog post.

Your questions and suggestions are most appreciable. Looking forward to have you on board.

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