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Jeep App vs uConnect: What’s the Difference?

Owning a Jeep is all about freedom and fun. Now, that freedom has been upgraded into your pocket and on your dashboard with two essential apps – the Jeep App and uConnect. Each brings new ways to enjoy your Jeep, from controlling it remotely to making the in-car experience even more exciting. But, like all things aside, they each have pros and cons.

In this comparison, I will compare both apps and let you know which is helpful for your needs. Let’s get started!

Jeep App: Overview

The Jeep App is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that allows Jeep owners to have direct access to information and control several features of their vehicle from the convenience of their smartphone.

Features of the Jeep App

Primary functions and features of the Jeep App include:

  • Vehicle Information: The app allows you to access important information, such as oil life, tire pressure, and fuel levels. This data is particularly useful for staying up-to-date with your vehicle’s maintenance.
  • Remote Control: Start your engine or lock/unlock your vehicle from your phone. Jeep App users can also steer their vehicles using their phones.
  • Navigation: Plan your routes and send them directly to your Jeep’s navigation system.
  • JeepWave Program: This feature allows you to access your JeepWave membership, which offers premium customer support, maintenance services, and exclusive benefits—available only to Jeep owners.

uConnect: Overview

uConnect is an in-vehicle connectivity system that brings entertainment, navigation, communication, and convenience right to your fingertips. Ensuring a seamless driving experience, uConnect is integrated into the vehicle’s dashboard for easy access and control while driving.

Features of uConnect

The main features of uConnect include the following:

  • Entertainment: With a variety of entertainment options, such as SiriusXM radio and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, drivers can enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks with ease.
  • Navigation: uConnect comes with built-in maps or the ability to project maps through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to stay on track and arrive at your destination without hassle.
  • Communication: Users can make calls, send and receive text messages, and even access their favorite voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.
  • Vehicle Assistance: uConnect also provides features like remote start, roadside assistance, and support for multiple Jeep models.

Jeep App vs uConnect: What’s Good?

Remote Access and Control

The Jeep App provides extensive remote access and control options to Jeep owners. Users can lock and unlock the doors, start or stop the engine, schedule a start, view their vehicle health report, and even track their vehicle’s location.

On the other hand, uConnect focuses more on the in-car experience with a comprehensive suite of safety and security services such as automatic crash notification, SOS call, and roadside assistance call.

Entertainment and Connectivity

The uConnect system takes the lead regarding onboard entertainment and connectivity. It offers SiriusXM Guardian, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, voice command, Navigation, SiriusXM with 360L, or SiriusXM Travel Link displayed on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Jeep App doesn’t provide any built-in entertainment features. However, it does help with trip planning as it gives access to information on fuel stations, food, and hotels along your route.

Smartphone Integration

Both the Jeep App and uConnect provide seamless integration with smart devices. While the Jeep App offers remote access to your vehicle using your smartphone, uConnect integrates with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing you to use voice commands for making calls, listening to music, receiving messages, and setting navigation.

Vehicle Health and Monitoring

The Jeep App allows users to monitor their vehicle health, providing detailed reports on the oil life, tire pressure, and other important parameters.

uConnect system informs you about fuel levels, tire pressure, and other safety-related stats directly on the touchscreen for convenience and safety.

Roadside Assistance

While the uConnect system and the Jeep App offer roadside assistance, the Jeep App provides 24/7 access, making it more reliable during unexpected breakdowns and emergencies.

Jeep App vs uConnect: What’s Bad?

In-Vehicle Entertainment:

The uConnect system shines with its in-vehicle entertainment offerings, including a touchscreen interface and integration with popular services such as SiriusXM Guardian and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. In contrast, the Jeep App falls short — it has no onboard entertainment capabilities — which can disadvantage those seeking these experiences inside their vehicle.

Remote Access & Control:

One of the significant disadvantages of the uConnect system is its lack of remote access and control capability. This system does not offer the ability to remotely start your vehicle or check the status of your door or engine. On the other hand, this is an area where the Jeep App excels, providing extensive remote access and control options.

Mobile and In-car Integration:

While uConnect allows seamless integration with in-vehicle systems and safety features, the Jeep App lacks this level of integration, a downside for drivers seeking a unified and comprehensive in-dash control system.

Conversely, uConnect’s occasional connectivity issues with third-party services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are a disadvantage compared to Jeep App’s consistent smartphone-based controls.


uConnect’s subscription-based model could be a financial burden over time, depending on your budget and how many of its premium features you use. The Jeep App, in comparison, offers most of its features without a subscription, providing better value.

In conclusion, uConnect’s disadvantages lie in its lack of remote functionalities and potential financial cost, while the Jeep App is limited by its lack of in-vehicle integration. Jeep owners must weigh these factors according to their priorities before deciding which platform suits them best.

Compatibility with Other Devices

Both the Jeep App and uConnect offer compatibility with popular devices and platforms:

  • Jeep App: iOS and Android smartphones
  • uConnect: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and additional support for other vehicle systems like tire pressure monitoring and climate control


If your preference leans towards remote control and vehicle health monitoring, the Jeep App is a great choice, offering these functionalities with the most features available without a subscription for a budget-friendly approach.

However, if your focus is in-vehicle entertainment, connectivity, and integrated controls, uConnect stands out. Be mindful that some of its features come with a subscription cost.

Luckily, both apps can co-exist and complement each other well, providing a comprehensive suite of features for the best Jeep ownership experience. But, if you need to choose, select your specific needs, preferences, and budget to make the most suitable decision.

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