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Cyberbullying Among Teenagers and How Parental Controlling App Could Stop Them?

The Internet is being widely all over the world. Being the part of the study, the internet has contributed really a lot. To a curious mind, the Internet is divine. However, the Internet introduces you to the whole new world. The virtual world, where you have your existence. Teenage is that stage of life, where everyone loves to be loved and all the fantasies seem appealing. The Internet provides all that materials and things, that are actually of no use but teenagers find them interesting enough to their days and years over it.

The one who has found a platform, keeping teenagers in mind, seldom have taught about the teenager’s future. The founder has only taught about his future. And at the age, where teens have a mindset that they are mature enough, they are in an illusion. The earlier they get out of this illusion, smarter will they be as an adult.

How can Cyberbully Happen?

Many times, teenagers are targeted by the people wanting to have lust. Not only teen girls, but boys are as well targeted equally. Few people are ruining the life of teenagers completely. They are getting connected with the teens, making the teens have faith in them. And then they start playing with the emotions of the teens. Making demand of money, nude pictures, and blackmailing them continuously. These are a few of the cyberbullying examples. There is a lot more to add. Teenagers even get mentally distracted to such an extent that they need to have treatments and re-habitation.

How would parents know if their child is suffering from Cyberbully?

It is Parents’ duty to understand their child. The behaviour and thought processing of the child can be easily marked out by the parents. To cultivate the right thinking in the teens is not a difficult task. Teach them with the appropriate examples. Be friends with your teens. They need your guidance the most. Mentoring the teens does not mean scolding them every time.

It simply means, directing them right. Making good self-practices. Let your child share everything with you. Develop a healthy discussion between your child and yourself. Scolding them for doing wrong, will only lead them to hide the things from you. In order to improve them, talk to them, discuss with them. Give them a reason for why wrong is wrong and why the right is right. Why behave in a particular way and why not to behave in a particular way. Make the ethics and manners imbibe in them naturally. Let them be able to have self-control.

Is there any need of mobile Parental App?

Well, when your child is suffering from cyber-bully, along with making him strong, as a parent, you need to know what your child is doing.

How Mobile Parental Control App Prevents Cyber-Bullying?

Know what your child is up to, with the Best Parental Control App. Install the app and track all your child’s activity. The child is not mature until he gets 18 years old. Hence, legally, as a parent, you can interfere in his activities. It does not, by any mean, means that you should be imposing your opinions on them. Be a friend of your teenager. They won’t drift in the wrong direction.

What Parental Control App Provide?

Monitor the Messages and Call logs

The parental control app, allows you to know, when and to whom your child is sending and receiving the messages. Even the content of the messages is visible. Call logs are accessible and you even have the option of recording the calls available. The app is synchronized and hence you can also listen to the ongoing calls. You are also allowed to block the contacts that you think are not fine for your child.

Social Media Monitoring and Tracking the mails

Social media is taking over our daily lives. By monitoring your child’s social media activities, you are getting to know, whom your child is interacting with. Who is trying to interact with your child? You may get to sense the intention of the person trying to chat with your child, by the way, they are chatting or by simply having a glance at their profiles. You can then discuss it with your child. Let them know, why it is not fine to chat with the person. Make your child capable of taking the right decisions. Tracking the mail can even make you know who the fraudsters are, that are targeting the teenagers. You can report their mail id.

There are some other parental control apps with different features which you can also check.


As a parent, it is your core duty, to understand your child. Care and love your child, so that they will not take any step in the wrong direction. Be friends, with your child. Do not under-estimate them. Give them reasons to act. Make them question the things. Make your child independent. It is in your hands to direct them right. Monitoring them is a temporary thing. Teaching them to differentiate between right and wrong, is the permanent solution. If the child has a reason to behave good, he will be addicted to good things. Good habits are as addictive as bad ones.

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