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Kamala Mills Compound Mumbai Fire Tragedy Live updates

BJP MP Hema Malini blames ‘high population’ for Kamala Mills fire.

The  MP of BJP who is also a yesteryear actress Hema Malinihad been insensitive enough to blame Mumbai’s “high population” for this morning’s deadly fire that broke out in a restaurant on the Kamala Mills premises.
She said to the reporters, “It’s not that the police aren’t doing their job. They do a great job. But the population is so high. When Bombay ends, another city should begin. But the city keeps extending,”

It is saddening to know that at least 14 people were killed and 19 people were injured in a fire which had broken out early in the morning on Friday – shortly after midnight – on the third floor of a four-storey building on Senapati Bapat Marg which is in Lower Parel which is a really famous region in Mumbai. Most of the casualties that happened on this unfateful day were actually because of asphyxiation

Hema Malini even went forward and had suggested caps on how many people should be allowed to live in big cities. “Each city should have a certain limit on population. After that, they should not be allowed…let them go to another city, the next city.”

Her comments actually backfired as there were many people on social media who took offence at Hema Malini’s comments on such a sensitive time.

 I would blame judiciary, government, said Neelam Krishnamoorthy on Mumbai Fire.

It was jut a few hours after there was a really massive fire which broke out at Mumbai’s Kamala Mills and had claimed fourteen lives, on this unfortunate and saddening  incident, Neelam Krishnamoorthy, the President, Association of victims of Uphaar tragedy on Friday had severly criticized the judiciary and government for such fire incidents and blamed the entire situation on them.
Neelam Krishnamoorthyhad said, “Each time I see a fire taking place and people dying, it angers me a lot and I feel I have miserably failed in my endeavor to stop such fire incidents. I would blame the judiciary and government for this.”

Krishnamoorthy further said that she had been fighting to make sure that such incident don’t take place ever again.

She said, “It’s been 20 years since I am fighting this legal battle, it was not only to ensure that I get justice for my children but also to make sure that such incident doesn’t take place.”

Krishnamoorthy had also asked people to raise a demand for their safety, she said,”The owners and occupiers continue to flout the rules with impunity and government agencies continue to give NOCs for a price. The ordinary people have to pay the price of such irresponsibility; it is time that people hit the street to demand their own safety.”

It is unfortunate that At least 14 people were killed; many others were injured after a fire broke out in a rooftop restaurant on Friday.

Pub flunked the fire safety norms, obstacles found in emergency exit, say cops: KAMALA MILLS FIRE.

The ‘1 Above’ pub, the place where a massive blaze had killed some 14 people and did not follow fire safety norms and had also violated regulations on encroachment with obstructions which had blocked  its emergency exit, police and civic officials.

In its daily crime report, the police had also said the pub’s manager and other staff had fled from the spot instead of helping the customers injured in the blaze.

“No fire safety norms were followed by the pub and the management did not make any arrangement for the safe exit of its customers during the blaze,” police claims.

They said there were a lot of hindrances which were created on the emergency exit way. “Negligence on the part of the pub led to the death of 14 customers and injuries to several others.”

The manager and also the other staff of the pub had ran away from the spot without even helping those injured in the blaze,” police had claimed.

Meanwhile, a civic official told PTI the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had even taken serious action against the pub more than three times for “violations”.


According to the official, the pub had then obtained the fire safety and also building permissions from the civic body in October 2016.

“However, as ‘1 Above’ flouted the rules and regulations by way of encroachment and other violations, the BMC had taken legal action against its management on May 27 for using the open space for commercial activities,” he said.

Notices had also been served on the pub on August 4, September 22 and October 27 this year by the BMC, which had been asking it to stop encroaching on the open space, he said.

“On August 2, we razed a portion of the pub for encroaching upon the open space. Thereafter, on October 22, we seized the open space, where it illegally served the customers. Despite that, the owners of the pub had indulged in violations.”

The fire had started at the rooftop of the pub which was then  hosting a birthday party and had spread rapidly through the building, which managed in killing 14 people, most of them women, shortly after midnight

The police have now booked Hratesh Sanghvi, Jigar Sanghvi and Abhijeet Manka of C Grade Hospitality, which used to manage the pub, along with many others, under IPC sections 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) and 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others).

The case has been lodged now at the N M Joshi Marg Police Station.

The pub was also served notices in past: MUMBAI FIRE.

The BMC had now cracked a whip on 1 Above restaurant  which is three times just in this year alone 2017 and had also dragged them to the criminal court as well for the many violations.

A fire had also erupted at 1 Above restaurant on Thursday midnight which had killed 14 people and also injured several others.

The restaurant was also known to be serving ‘hookah’ illegally, BMC officials had said that adding that they had even gone to the level of encroacing upon the open space.

BMC assistant municipal commissioner had aid that 1 Above was also granted a licence in the year 2016. “However, in March, May and August again we prosecuted them for using up the open terrace area. In fact, in September this year even seizure action was taken. We had to demolish a few portions in August during the prosecution action as well,”.

 Mumbai cops book partners of pub: Kamla Mills fire tragedy.


The police of  NM Joshi Marg under whose jurisdiction the fateful fire incident had occurred at kamala Mills s in the Lower Parel area on Friday night, have registered a culpable homicide case againstall  the three partners for C grade hospitality which was running the pub, 1 Above.
Police said that they have booked the three partners Hratesh Sanghvi, Jigar Sanghvi and Abhijit Manka under sections 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), 337 (causing hurt by act of endangering the life or personal safety of others) and 338 (causing grievous hurt by act of endangering life or personal safety of others) of the IPC.Bharatiya Janata Party MP Kirit Somaiya had also tweeted, “Fire at Pub at Kamala Mill Compound Mumbai I had urged CM & BMC Commissioner to Order Special Fire Audit of all such Pub, Hooka Parlours & Farsan Mart/Workshops of Mumbai. 2 week back similar type of fire at Farsan Workshop Sakinaka 1 dozen people had died.”

Fire at Pub at Kamala Mill Compound Mumbai I had urged CM & BMC Commissioner to Order Special Fire Audit of all such Pub, Hooka Parlours & Farsan Mart/Workshops of Mumbai. 2 week back similar type of fire at Farsan Workshop Sakinaka 1 dozen people had died

Today I raised the issue of Kamala Mills Fire in Loksabha, Parliament. The illegal construction of Kamala Mill Compound and also Phoenix Mall. It’s death trap. Wants Fire Security Audit and action against BMC corrupt officials and the owner

A massive fire broke out at a building in Kamala Mills Compound in the Lower Parel area of Mumbai. So far, 14 people have been reported dead and several others injured. Majority of those killed are women, including a 70-year-old senior citizen.

Police have detained two hotel staff. Prima facie, it appears that the cause of the fire was due to short circuit and the illegal cooking line added fuel to the fire.

During the preliminary investigations suggested by the Fire brigade, most of the death have occurred inside the bathroom of 1 Above due to choking. “When there was fire, people tried to escape. But as there was no emergency escape route, in a bid to save themselves many of them ran towards the bathroom. But they died due to choking in smoke it was a massive fire,” said a police officer. Police said that 1 Above as well Mojo were running hookah parlour illegally and 1 Above did not even have civic permissions to put the shed they had put illegally.

 It was a really Narrow escape for news channel employees: Kamala Mills fire.

About 15 employees of the a really famous channel in Marathi were working the night shift and just had a providential escape when the fire that had broken out shortly just  after midnight in a pub above their ground floor office.
The midnight blaze had started in the 1 Above pub which is on the terrace of thethe Kamala Mills compound that killed14 people, that also had 11 women..

The fire, had also injured 21 people and had soon spread to the Mojo pub which is on the third floor one level below.

The roof had collapsed and even the entrance to the TV Marathi office was blocked, said a programme producer with the news channel.

Jadhav had said, “I was in the night shift. We heard people screaming at the cafe. We thought it’s due to the party which was on at the cafe and the music.”

When he had came out of the office, he saw there was a fire that had broken out at the roof-top cafe.

“The main entrance of our office was blocked due to the fire. I raised an alarm and about 10 to 12 people came out through the fire exit,” said Jadhav.

Jadhav also said he and his colleagues saw the temporary roof which is made of bamboo burning and falling down to the ground floor.

“Had we been late by five-10 minutes, we would have been trapped inside. It was a narrow escape for us,” Jadhav added

A fire official had said people rushed to the washroom of the restaurant to escape as they could not find any of the proper fire exit and were asphyxiated to death.

Kamala Mills fire is now added to the latest in Mumbai’s ’29’ series of tragedies that had happened in Mumbai.

Mumbai was rocked by three tragedies in 2017- a deluge, a stampede and a major blaze — all three of them had coincidentally happenedl on the 29th.

The series of ’29’ had begun on August 29 when there were torrential rain that had brought Mumbai to its knees, disrupting rail, road and air services, uprooting trees and had left hundreds of Mumbaikars stranded. There were at least 10 people who were killed in Mumbai and also its neighbouring areas.

Just a month later on the same date though, on September 29, 23 people had lost their lives in a stampede on a bridge linking the Elphinstone road and Pareel Stations also on Friday, when the year is just about to end, tragedy has struck again on the 29th with a fire which broke out in a pub in a building in the famous Kamala Mills compound that was then hosting a birthday party.

The midnight blaze had killed 14 people that included 11 women, and also injured 21.

The three tragedies occured  on the same day of various months, and the worst part happens to be the fact that all of these three incidents could have been avoided.

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