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10 Things A Designer Should Know How To Do In Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign is a great desktop software publishing app. You can create various posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and ebooks. Adobe Indesign can surely do wonders and you can create some really amazing stuff in Adobe Indesign. There are certain hacks that people should know about in order to make their work easier and get better results.

10 Things a Designer Should Know In Adobe Indesign

These are the ten things that a designer should know in Adobe Indesign.

1) Have the knowledge of Master pages
You can use the master pages that can be used all the time, work in magazine or newspaper publishing, but should really use them any time you have a document with 2 or more grids.

2) The Object, Paragraph, & Character Styles
It sometimes becomes really irritating to go through a document that some other designer has created and then reliase that there are no paragraph styles. It can become really frustrating for most of you.

3) Have Nested Styles
You should also have nested styles that will make the work a lot more organised.

4) Know how to apply space after paragraphs
You should not hit double return, this would surely irritate you to some other levels.

5) Have the knowledge to Modify baseline grid
And know how to align text to it. You’ll have to do this all the time in newspaper, magazine, and book layout.

6) Connecting of the text boxes to auto scroll all Type in the document
You need to do this step and save yourself the trauma.

7) Work on establishing and work on exporting color palettes, paragraph styles, and character styles
If you ever have to use the same style that you did in one document in some other document, then this hack is something you must swear by. You don’t export the paragraph styles technically but you should also know how to load these styles from another document.

8) Aim for Alignment
Keep in mind to align everything be it text, objects and all the other things so that if you zoom in 4,000%, you wouldn’t see the boxes randomly overlapping.

9) Packaging of documents
Through this way you can give a file to another designer.

10) Use separations preview and find and get rid of extraneous colors.
This is another thing that a designer must know, this is a great hack to save you a lot of time while you are limited to a particular number of colors. You will also get an extra credit while knowing the way to use GREP Styles, Tabs, & make a Table of Contents using styles.

There are other hacks as well, let’s save them for some other time. For now, you should learn these hacks and save yourself a lot of time and efforts while using adobe indesign.

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