Kodi vs Plex – Best and Popular Home Theater Software? Find Out

It seems to be on-trend about the service been taking by the millions of people for their content streaming. If you are looking for options to download the content and watch it on your devices such as laptops, pc, and mobile phones, then it will be very hard for you to choose between Kodi vs Plex.

These both are very good at content and very difficult to compare. It gives the user access to their personal library, videos, audios, live tv, etc. however in this article I am going to give you the difference between Kodi and Plex, then only there will be less doubt on your mind

What are Kodi and Plex?

Let’s start with Kodi, this a streaming media service software that is compatible with many devices such as Mobile, table and personal computers. Kodi is an open-source media center with a lot of content at one place for easy access.

Kodi actually is free of cost and supports many customized options. You can also change the skin of the software interface according to your preference. There are alot of third party addons to make Kodi even better.

You can add and remove the categories in it. Kodi is quite popular among users because of the third party add ons. Kodi support all the videos and audios format for window, Linux and macOS. This also works with IOS but need to jailbroken device before.

As I speak of drawback of Kodi, it is quite difficult for a user to stream content from one device to another because of software. To switch from one device to others, it may cause some pain in ahead but I could be done eventually.

For Plex, this is also a streaming media server, it let you watch movies and shows, also live tv and music online on your devices such as mobile, computer or tablets. It is compatible with some of the streaming outsource – Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire Stick, and many more.

You can also check out the official app for Plex on android and IOS. you can have Plex for free and can also opt for a subscription to use the premium features. Unlike the Kodi, this has no difficulties sharing content while switching your device.

One of the drawbacks of plex – it is not customized as Kodi is, Plex has its own benefit from many live tv channels to switching device without any issue

Expense using Kodi and Plex?

As I mentioned before about the cost for both home theatre software, let me clear that out in this section. Well, if we go for Kodi, it offers the basics and the other features with too many addons without any cost. That mean 100 percent features for free

On the other note, the Plex is easy to use and install. Besides that, it doesn’t have too many customizing options. However, to some extent, you will be entertained but for the extra features, you need to go for subscriptions. The subscription charges are like this – $5 for one month, $40 for one year and $120 for lifetime access.

Device compatibility on Kodi vs Plex

For plex, I mentioned this is very easy to install and use because it is officially available at the play store. You won’t need any VPN proxy to get the application or software on your pc. It goes with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Incase of Kodi, bit tough here, Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku,  Fire Stick, and Fire TV devices you need to install manually and this is not indexed on Amazon Fire app store

Video and Audio on Kodi vs Plex

These both are obviously capable of video streaming and audio stream on your devices like mobile, pc, and other streaming devices. These both have the range of HD to 4k resolution format for videos.

It really differs how they taking care of format conversion which is also called transcoding. Actually transcoding is the process of converting the video or music format on the fly.

Why choose Kodi?

  • Thousands of customization options
  • A lot of Addons, especially online
  • Free of cost but need some addition setting
  • Totally open source
  • Access to tons of media and content on the same computer or the device

Why Choose Plex?

  • Access to tons of media even in multiple devices with ease
  • It has office apps on android and IOS
  • Simpler user interface
  • To easy to use and works extremely fast on other hardware
  • Help and support with professional online

What is My Take on Kodi vs Plex?

Well, differentiate between Kodi vs Plex get me to my take for plex. It totally my pick and if you find Kodi better that will be your call. It just the free vision has the limitation and eventually it going to be in the loop of features and nothing to change for.

At least there will be less mess if I think of changing my device or at home, there will be less of the fuss on the content that I will get with the play and I hope it worth it

Final Words

After comparing both Kodi vs Plex, the take is that they have their pros and their cons, on side plex can be very easy to install and set up at the beginning and also if you need to switch device, that won’t be difficult at all with organized library of your movies, shows, images, and music

Is will take you all the way down with your patience and skill to switch the device. Kodi is the primitive one and has a more customized option and addons more than any other media center that you know, also in terms of cost-cutting

Koti gives you full features without any fees whereas, Plex offers you the service for free to some extent and for some additional feature you might want to opt for subscription according to your preferred time interval

I hope this article Kodi vs Plex helped you decide which one you should go for, and also if you have already used any of these, please let us know in the comment section below.