How to survive in Last Day On Earth Survival (Complete tutorial)

Internet is overwhelmed with tons of games and the most popular genre of online games is surviving. Your sole motive in surviving games is to stay alive in critical situations with available resources. Last Day On Earth Survival is one of the best Zombie game via which you have to fight with fierce zombies for your existence. It is pretty tough to live with dangerous monsters but don’t worry folks we have a solution for everything.

Today I am here with my Last Day On Earth Survival guide which includes cool tips and tricks to make progress in the zombie game.

So, let’s check out the guide and find the best ways to survive with the dangerous creatures.

Last Day On Earth Survival tips, cheats, and tricks to stay alive
Last Day On Earth Survival guide, hacks, Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Last Day On Earth Survival Guide: Best tips, cheats, and tricks to stay alive

After putting the best tricks in Lords Mobile its time to fight with Zombies. So have a look below to explore the best tricks:

Spend an initial couple of day in gathering resources

Whenever you entered in the game then you must give emphasis to collect resources as much as you can. Each time you gather something you will get new experiences. At the first stage, you should craft a Hatchet and Pickaxe for chopping trees and mining limestone. Indeed with these two tools, you can gather most of the resources around your land.

Focus on leveling

At the early stages, you will feel weak because of the lack of equipment but as you leveling up you will feel more powerful. So always give priority to level up.

Craft your home

For surviving in the Zombie era you must craft a castle first. You can start with a simple  3×3 home. You should build the home flooring first and after it attaches walls. After clearing out the level of plot you have a bunch of pine logs and you can make your home easily. To create your castle truly yours you also require essentials so craft them. You have to spend your crafting points wisely and you can unlock a small box and garden bed with them. With this box, you can store 12 items easily and Garden bed allow you to grow carrots. But make sure to hide these essentials in your home otherwise your rival will steal them.

Avail a Backpack

Now next move is to unlock the Backpack blueprint. You can carry 8 items in this backpack. I recommend you to stick with green areas and you will found an indicator which will confirm you the density of the area. High-density areas contain more weapons and armors but you have to face tougher enemies. So stick with light density green areas until you have collected all the weapons and armors.


If you want to deal with damage from Zombies then you can take dogs with you. It is quite tricky to get a puppy so get is first and attach in your inventory. You will avail two puppies easily when you explore the location. You have to breed them appropriately so that that they grow soon.

Keep an eye out

To stay alive in Last Day on Earth Survival game you have to be attentive. You will notice a point of interest which pop up on the world map so keep an eye on them. Indeed they are not constant but worth a lot.

Make a clan with other players

One of the best tricks to fight with zombies and other wild animals is to join a clan. You can easily steal other’s resources and run away as many other players are with you to protect.

Final thoughts

Well, folks with these tips, and tricks you can make your battles more approachable in the Last Day On Earth Survival game. You all just focus on gathering resources and leveling up to stay alive in the game. Hope you got my point and if you liked the post then do share with your close ones.

In case you have any trick or tips that I didn’t describe here then share your views with us. For more informative updates stay connected and keep reading.




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