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Let’s Introduced Lost Jungle Map In Temple Run 2

Temple run 2 is one of the best and most popular game among players who are looking to play such games. A runner game is quite impressive which lets you achieve points. At initial point, the gaming goes slowly with few runs than to collect few points. When further stage arrives the gamer requires jumping simultaneously by collecting coins. Do you know about that the lost Jungle map in temple run 2.

The lost jungle is the map with the huge vines, lush jungle, enormous Venus flytrap plants, giant snake, demon cross and the temple remains as difficulties. Here you can see the temple in the jungle that is over-grown with the vegetation. The 1st section the player will encounter after the run out of the temple. Here the player runs on the huge old, avoiding problems and grey vines including y-turns, giant snake, and the carnivorous plants. Gray vines will heads upwards into the top of the tree. Here you can also see the green vines and this will act like the slides. the antiquated green vines always lead the downwards to the game forest floor.

Here in this game the player go to the 1000-1500 matter to go and the cross the crocodile rivers. Infrequently, the players of this game will encounter the prize room section, and which can be arrived by either temple zipline or path. On the prize, the room you can see the demon monkey. and it can be standing above the entrance. However, the monkey isn’t an obstruction. The prize room is the filled up with the gold and crystals and the bronze piece. It is high dark then other section will be located covered the temple in the caves.


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