Tips And Cheats Clash Royale For Android And IOS Devices

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game that has all the characters from the clash of clans. Here in this game, you will jump into a fight with the human enemies and the target is to break down the three crown towers of their clans. In this game, you have to fight with other and make your clan strong so that no one can think of destroying your towers. All the things that make your clan strong should be there to raise an ultimate army against your deadliest enemies.

Lead your troops to a win and get trophies every time and other rewards like chests from the fallen clan. But in this game getting an instant success is not that easy you have to do it step by step. You have to be more skilled to get a good success in this game. This game will check your efficiency as a player and how much success you can get by good strategy.

By collecting rewards level up your clan and built best battle decks and know how you can get more success in this game by the below-written Tips And Cheats Clash Royale For Android And IOS Devices.

The theme of the clash of royale is taken from the clash of clans and mixed it up with the card battle technique. The attacks and the troops are kind of similar to clash of clans. When you are on the battlefield it seems very positive to attack your enemies as soon as possible. But you have to make a strategy and stat the attack slowly and don’t get panicked when you see your towers get attacked. At that moment stay clam and send your troops one by one according to your plan. Atlas when you drop down one of the enemies towers and grab the win then you will refill the elixir twice as quantity. And now it will help you to put more troops on the battlefield than before.

  • Lay Waste to King’s Tower And Blast it with Arrows and Fireballs:

When the tower of your enemies goes down then they will start attacking you. And when you made the first blow then also they will start attacking you. At that time if you think that you can beat them then throw some arrows and fireballs. The king tower is very strong but a mixture of attack with the field troops can bring down the tower sooner. As my strategy, the arrow and fireball should be thrown to take down the towers.

  • Use Elixir Carefully:

When every you pull a new card and bring it into play kindly look at the elixir meter. You have to get a powerful troop at the beginning of the match and use the card whose value is the maximum level of four. Try to use the small units on the battlefield and take down the health tower of your rival. Let destroyed your small troops rather than use cards and losing all the elixir at once.

  • You Will Need Best Troops Card:

You have to get the best troops cards that will definitely pick up the victory for you in the battlefield. Archers are long-range troops that will that you must place near your tower. Baby dragon will defend and wipe out the troops of your enemy by firing fireballs. The Barbarian pack is also very impressive and has the ability to take down the best enemy troops easily. Send the Golems at the end of the fight which will wipe out the enemies. So these are the best troops that you can use them to put down the opponent army and get a win.

  • Early Stage losses in the game will pay off for your card collecting:

Here you will get a important advice for the user who wants to get higher ranking cards in the game. It is one of the cheats that will enable you to gain best cards during the early progress in the game.

In this post, I have provided the clash royale cheats and tips that will help you to gain a good rate of success in this game. All the above-written points are very important to be in the game for a long time and hit the high chances of success ratio.

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