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Subway Surfers Animated Series Released | Sybo Games

Feeling excited to inform you that your favorite runner mobile game Subway Surfers  is ready to hit the new platform with its animated version. Subway Surfers was introduced by a Denmark based companies called Killo and Sybo. As you all know that Subway Surfers was about the teenagers friends who got caught scratching on the walls of a Metro Railway Site. They run through the railway tracks for escaping from the Inspector and his dog.

Subway Surfers is the most downloaded mobile game ever. Now it is ready to

Subway Surfers

spread  its magic through its Animated characters. The debut of this animated series took place on June 1, on the best platform Youtube. Subway sufers animated series rolls around the four teenage friends who are in search of the real joy of teenage life. They enter in a magical city and and will meet with new challenges. The interesting thing is that they cover their whole journey on the skateboards. During this they meet new technologies and with this their lives changed completely.

Subway Surfers Animated Series is developed from the Sybo Games and its script is written by Brent Friedman the makers of Star wars : The Clone war and Star Wars Rebels and Francesca Marie Smith . This wonderful series is produced by Sandar Schwartz  the well known name who has produced many famous series like Batman, Justice League, Scooby doo etc. Surely this series would be the milestone in entertainment world as quite popular names works behind it.

This series is divided into 10 to 4 minutes episodes. The episodes are loaded with adventures of Jake,Tricky and Fresh. I think you would be quite excited to enjoy this incredible series.

Well Subway Surfers animated series is the creation of well known Game Company that doesn’t need any kind of exposure as it already have billions of users. After the unbeatable success of Subway Surfer mobile game, its time to explore this animated series with its colorful and attractive characters. I think you all would be quite excited about it and if you want to share something new experience with us, contact us. Our existence depends on you.

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