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Ludo Star apk 1.35.37 Download for Android (2019)

Download Ludo Star apk Latest Version (1.35.37) for Android
Ludo Star apk 1.35.37 Download for Android (2019)

Well, all of us have played plenty of physical board games like right in our childhood, right?

I don’t know whether you are a game addict or not, but if you are looking for the best game for your Android device which is very popular nowadays. Ludo star apk is one of the best choice for you.

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These day Ludo game is in trending zone and people’s gone crazy about the game. Similarly, Ludo is being one of the most prominent amongst then in the South area region.

Ludo star apk is a famous game emerged from an ancient Indian game Pachisi. However, the physical board game of Ludo has become old these days.

Because of that reason, Gameberry Labs decided to take this interesting game into the world of Android. The reason was the large scale of Android gaming users.

To make them happy Lim and Choe, these to young guys made it possible.

In this, the article I’m going to introduce you with Ludo Star for Android with its new gameplay modes. Also, I’ll give you the official download link using which you can easily download Ludo Star apk on your Android device.

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About Ludo Star apk

Ludo Star game is a strategic and creative game which made for family and friend because it allows multiplayer gameplay. These kind of multi-player games are in high demand on the internet.

Ludo Star for apk Android is interactive and quite funny as well, as it is a multiplayer game so everyone can send funny emoji to each other.

The Ludo Star seems to be very easy, but its tricky rules make the game much harder. The prime goal of the Ludo Star game is to take all four tokens into the home pocket situated in the center of the board.

Because of this, that strategy people love to play Ludo Star apk again and again without getting stressed.

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Download Ludo Star apk Latest Version (1.35.37) for Android

App Information

App name: Ludo Star

Vesrion Information: 1.35.37 (Latest version)

Development Company: Gameberry Labs

Downloads: More than 4 lakh till now

User Ratings: 4.5 out 5 stars

Download Ludo Star apk Latest Version (1.35.37) for Android


Download Ludo Star apk 1.35.37 (Latest Version):

Several Modes of Ludo Star apk for Android

Ludo Star has many variations hence all major rules are the same. Let me introduce you to the several modes of the Ludo Star apk. These modes are slightly are slightly different from each other.

Classic Gameplay:

In classic mode of the Ludo Star, rules are almost the same, but the thing is that players have to secure the dice with put each and every token in the box.

You can move all your tokens around your home without killing the token of your opponent player. To make the game yours, let all your all tokens into the middle box before your opponent.

Master Gameplay:

The Master mode is kind of more difficult than the classic mode. As if you wish to let your tokens out of the box, it’s necessary that you have to get six on the dice.

In order to secure your token, you must have to eliminate the opponent player’s token at least once which is another rule.

Quick Gameplay:

Now let’s talk about the third and the last Mode of the Ludo Star game that is Quick mode. This mode is made especially for busy peoples as Quick mode allows you to play an instant Ludo game.

Unlike Master mode, the player doesn’t need to get six on the dice in order to take its token out of the box. The goal is that one who brings a single token onto the middle box wins the game.

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