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5 Mario Kart Characters you Should Always Prioritize

Mario Kart Characters

When looking at the science behind the Nintendo Switch game Mario Kart 8, always consider in-game components. Speed, acceleration rate, handling, and character weight determine who is best. The characters in the game can be divided into three categories – light, medium, and heavy.

On average, heavier characters have a higher top speed and can maintain this speed easier than lighter characters. This is due to their higher acceleration rate. The more delicate characters will have a faster acceleration rate, but their top speed will be lower.

A heavier character’s main weakness is quickly losing control when turning or drifting. As you can see from these observations, the advantage of being a more severe character is counterbalanced by the disadvantage of lower maneuverability.

In Mario Kart 8, there are 30 different characters to choose from. Suppose each character has an equal chance of winning a race, then each character would be assigned 3.33% as their probability of winning. However, this statistic does not consider variables such as speed and weight, which affect how likely any given character would win a race.

So, to help you out, I’m listing 5 of the most powerful Mario kart characters. Based on this list, you should always prioritize the character you choose to play. Let’s get started:

Metal Mario

Metal Mario - Mario Kart Tour Wiki Guide - IGN

Metal Mario was first introduced in Super Mario 64 as an invincible but limited-time form of the plumber hero. Metal Mario’s return to the Mushroom Kingdom has been infrequent throughout the years, but he is most known for his appearance in Mario Kart 64 as one of the selectable characters.

I think it’s because of their designs, but they’re similar in their stats and weight class. Both get a balanced weight rating, and both have top speeds that are considered the best.

Although, I think Metal Mario has better acceleration than Pink Gold Peach, which is probably why I use him more often.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is one of the most famous video game characters globally. Since the original arcade and NES days, he’s been starring in games, and he’s still a playable character in Mario Kart 8.

Pick him from the character select screen if you want to play Donkey Kong. He’s available from the start. You can unlock additional characters by completing challenges or finishing races on specific cups in Grand Prix mode.

Donkey Kong has a long history with Nintendo, starting way back in 1981 as a villain in his own Donkey Kong game. After being rescued by Jumpman, he took on Mario, known as Jumpman, and lost his girlfriend, Pauline. In later games, he became an antihero, and by the time Donkey Kong Country rolled around, he was a protagonist. Nowadays, he’s one of Nintendo’s most well-known characters, starring in many titles, including Mario Kart 8.

Donkey Kong is a heavyweight character in Mario Kart 8, meaning that he’s large and slow but also hard to knock off balance. His rivals include Bowser Jr., King Boo, Wiggler, and Mii Brawler.


It's All About Mii! | Nintendo Kids Club

The Mii has a built-in advantage that allows the player to create a character that is tailored to their specific needs. In addition, changing the size and weight of the character allows for all three categories of karts and bikes to be used and even unlocked. The only downside to the Mii is that it lacks the star power of a Nintendo-created character. Although you can create your version of Bowser, Link, or even Batkid, deep down inside, we all know it’s not truly them. Therefore, if a player chooses to use their Mii character, it will be for a different reason than playing as one of their favorite characters from an iconic franchise.

If you choose your Mii character with care and find yourself in possession of a heavy build, then you are probably in luck. The advantage that this gives you over other characters is twofold—the richer build stats may give you more acceleration than other heavyweight characters, and your kart or bike choices aren’t limited.

It’s important to note that if you choose to go with a lighter build, then the heavier weight class options should be left out of the equation due to their poor acceleration stats. Instead, focus on medium-weight builds when choosing light Miis.


The best baby Mario Kart 8 character is Baby Mario. Mario Kart 8 has a lot of playable characters, and many of them are babies. The lightweights have a significant advantage in Mario Kart 8 due to the new anti-gravity mechanic.

But tbh it might seem a little unfair to use these babies, but they are the best in the game. They are the only karts that can hold their own against the speed of heavier characters and karts. They have great acceleration and fantastic drift handling due to their lightweight. The babies have some of the fastest acceleration in the game, and when paired with the right car, you have an unstoppable combination.

Baby Luigi lacks some speed compared to his brother but makes up for this by having better acceleration. This is not a massive factor as all lightweight characters have good acceleration anyway. Baby Luigi also has better handling than Baby Mario, which can be helpful in the game of Mario kart.


Is Wario a fashion icon? We asked an expert - Polygon

Wario is the top heavyweight racer in Mario Kart 8. However, he is not just the best heavy, he is the best overall racer in the game. Wario is great because he has one of the highest base speeds in the game and can use a wide variety of vehicles to reach his full potential.

His traction and weight stats are tied for second amongst every character, but only Luigi’s acceleration exceeds Wario’s. Nevertheless, the combination of top-tier stats across the board makes him a threat in the first place, no matter which vehicle class he uses.

Wario’s primary kart is Wario Bike, and it ranks as one of the best bikes in the game. His secondary karts are all reasonably solid, with suitable combinations of speed and weight stats on all three options.

If you will play with Wario, use him to help tighten your drift corners and give yourself a boost first by popping off a mini-turbo whenever possible as you round a corner or exit a drift or drift boost. With his speed and weight, he can take advantage of boost pads like no other character on the roster.

Wario has plenty of experience behind the wheel, and that experience is on full display when playing with him in the race.

Final Words

These 5 Mario characters are best to pick in every possible scenario. They are easier to control and have the highest acceleration rate in the game, which allows them to reach top speeds quickly.

Therefore increasing the chance of winning the game to an extent.

That’s all for now. If you want us to add a Mario kart character to this list, then do let us know about it along with the right reason.

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