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Ranking 7 Best Valorant Agents You Should Always Pick

Best Valorant Agents

Valorant was officially released on June 2, 2020, as a free-to-play first-person hero shooter game.

Even though, Valorant takes inspiration from the all-time classic game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it does much better in the feature aspect of the two games.

Valorant Comes by default with in-game agents who hold some unique powers. These agents are based on different countries and cultures from all over the globe.

In this game, you’ve to pick an agent and use their weapons’ special powers to defeat opponents for your team.

With every win, you increase your in-game rank from Iron to Immortal.

However, with every rank increase, the game gets difficult for players. However, all this can be fixed if you’ve picked the right valorant Agent.

So, going forward in this post, I’ll rank 7 Best Valorant Agent you should always pick. Let’s get started:


Breach is one of the most unique agents in Valorant, owing to his complex and versatile kit. He has various tools that can be used in offensive and defensive situations, making him a great all-rounder to have on your team.

He’s got a flashbang, an earthquake, and a short-range teleport. With these abilities and some map knowledge, you can wreak havoc on your enemies.

Ability 1: Fault Line

Fault Line is Breach’s first ability. He can send out a seismic blast that travels in a line, damaging enemies in its path and stunning them with a concussive effect. This is an excellent ability for starting fights in maps like Haven and Ascent. Make sure to use it on a choke point or area where you know enemies will be running through.

The secondary fire of this ability is the aftershock. It launches a delayed impact in an area, dealing damage and slowing enemies who are caught in its wake. Again, this can be used as cover or initiation if you’re caught out of position.

Ability 2: Aftershock

Aftershock is Breach’s second ability; it fires high-explosive rounds that detonate on impact, damaging enemies in the target area. They also inflict slow upon those affected, making it ideal for taking out campers or those hiding behind cover. The slowness makes it easier for teammates to eliminate them or for Breach himself to follow up with another explosive shot.

Ability 3: Flashpoint

Flashpoint allows Breach to send out a volley of flash grenades that attach to surfaces when fired and detonate after a short delay.


Omen is one of the best-designed and most compelling characters in the game. His backstory is truly awful, and his design reflects that; however, he’s a very dark character with a lot of depth to him.

The main thing that makes Omen so good is his ability to teleport around the map. His ult, “Paranoia,” allows him to travel anywhere in an instant, which makes it really easy to sneak up on the enemy team. This can force them into being more paranoid and playing less aggressively.

His flash is also incredibly useful: you can use it to cover substantial open spaces or dodge enemies altogether! I feel like this guy will help me push out my lane by accident because it’s just so easy with him now.


VALORANT Agents: Raze, a Duelist from Brazil

Raze is a character in the game Valorant that can deal a lot of damage, making her a viable choice for players who want to do exactly that. Her abilities are easy to learn, but it’s essential to master them so that you can use them to your advantage.

Raze’s abilities are easy to master, and she doesn’t need to be a top duelist to be viable. While her damage is focused on her abilities, Riot Games has ensured that she can be played with only OVERPOWERED guns.

While she has abilities that let her close the gap between her and her opponents, it doesn’t make up for the lack of utility. As a result, she’s not the best option to start with if you’re a new player, but if you like playing as Raze, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking her up.

Raze is vulnerable to Cypher’s Spycam, which can track her position using Blast Pack. If one is placed near where she launches Blast Pack from, she’ll be spotted, and likely die before the ability even reaches its destination. In addition, her Paint Shells can be destroyed by cypher’s Trapwire or Omen’s Paranoia ability.


The Shock Bolt is Sova’s bread and butter. It allows him to tag enemies out of sight, scout for the enemy team, and deal with pesky campers. Ideally, you want to aim for the head as it does more damage than a body shot. But, if you’re under pressure, even a quick hit on the torso will do.

The Recon Bolt has a range of more than 50 meters and can be camoed so enemies won’t see it coming. However, while it is invisible to the naked eye, it still appears on thermal scopes. So be careful when using it around Phoenix and other agents with thermal vision.

The Owl Drone is Sova’s ultimate ability and allows him to fire a single Recon Bolt every 15 seconds. Once launched, you can use your controller to guide it to its destination.


When it comes to Chamber’s ability, you must upgrade his Tour De Force ability. And while you’re at it, I would also recommend upgrading Headhunter as well (unlike the other Agents whose abilities we’ve covered here so far, you can actually upgrade both of Chamber’s abilities).

Chamber starts with his Headhunter weapon equipped. It fires 30 bullets before it needs to reload, has a high fire rate and clip size, but has low damage per shot. It also has a “shake” effect, making it more challenging to aim over long distances. It will work better up close than at a range, but there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with using it at any length; be aware that the more you use it,

Chamber has a few different options for his Ultimate ability, but I tend to go with Double Barrel. This gives him two shots from his “Ares” sniper rifle instead of just one, effectively doubling its power.

The good news is that in addition to having a very high success rate with most of Chamber’s abilities, he also has a lot of flexibility in terms of where he should be placed on the map. He can take out a lot of enemies from long range; if things get up close and personal, he can easily hold his own there too thanks to the sheer power of the Ares sniper rifle.


Astra Guide: Abilities & Skills of VALORANT's new agent

Astra, an Astrologer, is a Sentinel Agent with a kit that can be used to control both the flow of combat and the movement of enemies. Her abilities allow her to both prevent enemies from moving and even push them away from certain areas. She’s also one of the few Agents in Valorant with abilities that allow her to disable or hinder flash grenades.

I think this complexity pays off for players who take the time to learn Astra properly. She can be a true force multiplier for your team if played well, even if she doesn’t have as instant or direct of an impact as some other Agents. As always, I welcome your thoughts on Astra—along with any further feedback you have on our previous patch notes—in our official forums here!


The first thing to know about Skye is that she’s good at healing. Unlike other Agents, her healing ability is more of an AOE burst, and instead of healing herself, she can heal her allies. That’s a big deal, as it means she’s much better suited for team play than solo combat.

Skye also has a ton of weapons to choose from, which is excellent for a character that isn’t always going to be in the thick of things like some other Agents might be. So it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a little bit more versatility with your Agent pick.

Skye may look like she’s just a utility/scout pick on paper but once you get some time with the Agent under your belt you’ll realize that they can be deadly in the game.

Final Thoughts

With the latest addition of speedster Neon, the valorant pool has expanded to 18.

As of now, I’ve not used agent neon in the game. So, I can’t comment about that right now.

However, if neon is a powerful character, I would update you about her in this post.

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