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9 OVERPOWERED Guns in Call of Duty Mobile [2022]

Best gun in call of duty mobile

There are a lot of weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile. You’re given a starter set of guns and can unlock dozens more by spending the in-game currency that you earn from playing matches.

So, in this post, I’ll cover some of the powerful Guns you can use to destroy your opponents. Let’s get started with the list:


There’s no doubt that the Man-O-War is one of, if not the best assault rifle in this FPS Shooter Video Game. It boasts a low recoil, high DPS, and a small magazine.

Tapping this gun as a primary on mobile isn’t optimal due to its small magazine size, but it has more than enough damage to get kills without too many shots.

When using this gun as an AR secondary, it’s crucial to tap heavily to keep your opponent from being able to react and kill you before you can kill them. Remember, you don’t want to be camped out with this weapon; use it for close-quarters combat when you are moving in on an objective and need a fast kill.”


The MX9 is arguably the most powerful SMG in Call of Duty Mobile. Why? The MX9 has got significant damage, high range, and quick TTK.

The MX9 also has excellent accuracy and can be used in close and mid-range combat. In addition, the gun’s recoil is just about manageable, making it easy to control the muzzle with the help of a call of duty mobile controller.

While the LXE may offer more raw damage output than the MX9, the MX9’s versatility makes it a great SMG for any situation. In addition, the MX9 boasts a high damage range and fast TTK, making this weapon’s performance top-notch on almost all maps in COD Mobile Season 11.

If you are not comfortable with the MX9, you could go with the QQ9 as an alternative. The QQ9 is also a very flexible SMG due to its fast ADS speed and great TTK. However, we feel like it’s not quite as versatile as the MX9 compared to other SMGs in COD Mobile Season 11.


The KRM-262 is a mighty weapon, but its main downsides are poor mobility, and a long reload time.

It fires very slowly, so you need to hit your shots or be left in the dust.

This gun is highly accurate. You will have no problem hitting targets at the maximum 200m range. In addition, it has a swift bullet velocity, meaning that even if you miss the mark, you still have a good chance of hitting them.

Targets behind cover such as rocks can still be taken out with one well-placed shot. Use this to your advantage and pick off enemies hiding from you. The recoil on this gun is relatively low compared to other weapons making it easy to control. This allows for faster follow-up shots without wasting precious time resetting your aim onto the target.

The weapon’s slow fire rate means you will want to make every shot count as each bullet costs 30 points. This can be mitigated by smart movement and firing at close range, where there is less time between each shot; however, due to the weapon’s serious damage output, this may not always be viable, so it’s best to bring a few extra magazines with you until you have become more accustomed to it’s firing pattern and how


The ASM10 is a powerful Assault Rifle that immediately feels familiar and comfortable in the hands. It doesn’t possess the best fire rate of an AR, but it makes up for this with meaty rounds that can inflict severe damage.

The ASM10 is also a rare find, as it can only be obtained via Care Packages. However, once you do find yourself in possession of this weapon, you’ll be glad to know that it’s got one of the largest magazine sizes of all Assault Rifles.


The DR-H is a hybrid of the M8A7’s fully automatic firing mode and the DMR’s high damage profile. Its base damage can be increased further with a headshot multiplier, which synergizes well with its rate of fire (RoF).

With a 33% increase in RoF over its counterparts, the DR-H has a superb fire rate for an AR. If you can control its recoil, then the DR-H is a beast. This weapon’s extreme efficiency makes it ideal for players who are not confident in their ability to control 6X scopes and handle low RoF weapons.:)


The M13 is a powerful AR, and it’s one of the best assault rifles in Season 9. Its base stats aren’t bad at all, with a maximum damage of 24 and an accuracy of 56. Keep in mind that these are its base stats — this means that the gun can get much better. The M13’s fire rate is 88, which is fast for an AR. The M13 has some recoil but nothing too significant in terms of recoil. The gun is also somewhat accurate when fired from the hip as well.


The best LMG in the game? The Chopper is exceptional at nearly everything. It has an absurdly high rate of fire, it deals absurd damage, and it’s surprisingly accurate. Of course, it’s expensive, but without this gun, you’re missing out on some of the most high-powered fun you can have in either a vacuum or in combat.

The thing is, this gun can be a bit hard to get, so if you’re a new player or just haven’t opened any supply drops recently, know that getting one will likely take some time. But when you do get it, you’ll probably be as happy with it as we are.

Holger 26

Holger 26 is one of the best guns in COD Mobile. Having an LMG with a damage of 31 is a dream come true for players that don’t have much time to play the game. Furthermore, it can be used in almost all game modes; you can use the gun in practically any situation.


Locus is one of the best sniper guns in COD Mobile. As it comes with a maximum damage of 95, it will be a massive threat to all the players who are using SMG or Shotgun. Without the vest, a headshot holds the power to bring down the opponent’s HP from 150 to 7.

This makes Locus a perfect sniper rifle in COD Mobile. However, do note that you need to have good aim while sniping with this rifle, as you might end up missing your shots or getting killed by someone nearby. But, if you’re good at aiming, then this should not be an issue at all.

Final Words

This concludes the post on the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Be sure to leave your feedback below and let us know if you think I missed something significant regarding CoD Guns.

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