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Minecraft Anarchy Servers: My #3 Top Picks of 2021

Minecraft Anarchy Servers

Back in 2010, some Anonymous Minecraft users founded an anarchy server as a social experiment.

Since then, we have got hundreds of new Minecraft Anarchy Servers.

So, going forward, in this post, I will list some of the best Anarchy servers available in Minecraft.

However, before I do that, let me give you an overview of Minecraft, Anarchy servers.

Minecraft Anarchy Server Overview

Released as an interesting social experiment for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Anarchy Server comes with almost no rules.

Additionally, in these servers, every player is:

  • Free to scam each other.
  • Create problems in other Minecraft builds or
  • Even use illegal Minecraft clients to use built-in cheats.

Today, in 2021, you can find hundreds of Minecraft Anarchy Servers online.

This high number makes it a bit difficult to sort out which one anarchy server is suitable for you.

And I believe, that’s where this post will come to your rescue as here you’ll get a list of Anarchy servers that ranges from zero rules to more civil-anarchy inspired servers.

5 Best Minecraft Anarchy Servers

MC prison

Even though no one knows the exact release date of MC prison, this isn’t a standard Minecraft Server you should think.

This Server is heavily inspired by the mechanics of the traditional anarchy gaming mode.

However, before you start using this Server, there are some ground rules that you must follow:

  • You can’t use hacked clients.
  • You can’t advertise other servers on the MC Prison server.
  • Account sharing isn’t permitted.
  • You are barred from posting links to inappropriate sites.
  • No one is allowed to use racial or homophobic slurs in chat.
  • Extreme toxicity is not recommended for this server.
  • You can’t apply Minecraft Texture Packs.

You’ll start this server from the bottom and earn your way to the top. You can do this by earning money and then using it to level up on the server.


Back in 2010, it was a 2B2T server that started this as a social experiment. Now, after a decade, such servers have become a norm in the eyes of the Minecraft Community.

Described as the “Oldest Anarchy Server”, there are absolutely zero rules in this server.

This server features some popular Minecraft YouTubers FitMC and Salc1.

Everyone who has joined this server considers it as their home.

2B2T is one of the hard-to-get Minecraft Anarchy servers with the preview of a ruthless and intense world.

However, despite many positives, its downside of ridiculously long queue times in place has turned many Minecraft players away from this server. TBH, this was bound to happen after its recent success and increase in popularity.

Purity Vanilla

Many anarchy servers come with rules and restrictions.

Therefore, wiping out the original purpose of an anarchy server.

That’s why Purity Vanilla developers took it upon themselves to provide the organic experience in the way it was intended to.

Purity Vanilla server is tailor-made for those who are looking for complete freedom to roam the world for building and griefing purposes.

All you’ve to do is get into the fights and begin looting other players on their defeat.

If you want to have the raw experience of an Anarchy server firsthand, I won’t recommend you to pick a server other than this.

Straight up

Straight up anarchy server was created with the only intention of looting, raiding, and providing a swift experience of Minecraft in complete survival mode like dedicated survival games.

When using this server, one thing to note here is that it doesn’t have any kind of chest and land protection.

So, it’s recommended to build your land somewhere far away and still keep your finger crossed thinking that no one will come in your way.


Last but not the least, Mineland is also one of the most popular anarchy servers in Minecraft.

This server comes with tons of game modes enjoyed by thousands of players daily.

Mineland server lets you experience a lawless type of gameplay that lets you grief, kill or steal from any player.

You can even go one step ahead by taking over the complete server on your own.

However, to do this, you must have a clan in which every member will come together to eliminate everyone who comes in the way.


Today when there are tons of Minecraft Server, this list of 5 is sufficient to provide a complete anarchy experience.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve any questions regarding the 5 servers mentioned in this list then do let us know in the comments section given below.

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