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Minspy Review: A Truly Alluring Spyine App Replacement?

Minspy Review

Like every other gadget out there, a smartphone has plenty of pros and cons. While the former outweighs the latter, the latter can cause concern for parents.

Tailor-made for young people, social media is an enticing platform for cyberbullying, sexting, and other kinds of scuffles that can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly.

And if your kid is using it, they can get easily exposed to the wrong side of social media. So, it’s super important to keep track of what your kid is doing with it. This can be done using the minspy-like app that restricts app usage and keeps track of everything your kid is doing on the smartphone. So, let’s get started with the introduction of the MinSpy app:

What is MinSpy?

As a parent, you expect your child to responsibly use the phone and other mobile devices. However, monitoring their usage pattern from the background isn’t easy. Therefore, you need an effective tool that can help you monitor their activities without invading their privacy.

MinSpy is a powerful and undetectable mobile tracking app for parents that helps you monitor every activity of your kids on Android phones and tablets. This easy-to-use spyware records all the mobile data, including text messages, calls, GPS locations, emails, instant messages, photos, and videos on the target device. You can also remotely access all the stored information from any web browser or cell phone.

With MinSpy, you will be able to:

  • Monitor text messages – read SMS, MMS, social media messages, and other chats
  • Listen in on calls – record incoming/outgoing calls secretly
  • Track locations – track current and past GPS locations of the target device (spy on a cell phone)
  • View social media activities – view Facebook posts, tweets, WhatsApp conversations, etc.
  • Read emails – read Gmail emails including attachments
  • Record videos – record surrounding sounds via microphone and upload recorded videos to your online account

Why Should You Choose Minspy App to Spy on you Kids?

Easy-to-Use Interface

It is straightforward and does what you want it to do. I also found the Minspy app quite easy to install. It took us less than 5 minutes to install the app on our devices, which is short compared to other parental control apps.

Feature Rich Dashboard

The dashboard of the app looks simple, but it shows all you need in one place so that you can see the status of your child’s device at any time without having to go through several apps. In addition, you can view their call logs, messages, photos, and even social media chats on the dashboard.


The app does not compromise your kid’s security as it does not compromise their privacy. This means that when your kid makes a call or sends a message, only you will be able to view the details.

Accurate GPS Location Tracker

What I also liked about Minspy is its accuracy in tracking GPS location. The app gives you a real-time update on where your child is, and they are always there because they are taking pictures or sending messages on their phone. It gives you an easy way to keep track of your kids’ whereabouts, especially if they have just started driving or are starting high school and will be going out with their friends.

Safe and Reliable Family Tracker App

Minspy is a no-jailbreak spy app for kids & employees designed for Android and iOS devices. It has won many praises among parents and businesses who have used it in the past years.

MinSpy Alternatives


Spyier was released in March 2013 after being in development for 7 years. Although Spyier is less popular than Minspy, it is still one of the best phone spy apps and has many loyal customers.

Spyier has all the features you would expect from a top phone spy app, with added extras that make it stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best things about Spyier:

Easy to use

Just like Minspy, Spyier doesn’t require you to install anything on your target phone or computer. You don’t even need to root or jailbreak the device, which is both a risky and challenging process. Instead, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Set up email alerts

If you want an instant email whenever your target phone accesses certain websites, then you can set up alerts within your Spyier account. This feature is excellent if you’re using Spyier as parental control software.

Social Media Monitoring

Spyier can also monitor Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages when used with a smartphone.* This gives you complete oversight of your child’s social media activity too.

Contacts and call logs

This is common with most phone spy apps, but Spyier lets


It can be challenging to keep track of your kids in the fast-paced digital world. Fami360 is the best Android phone monitoring app that allows you to keep an eye on your kids, even when they’re not in the same room as you.

The features of Fami360 make it easy for parents to stay aware of their kids’ activities. They can see exactly what their children do on their phones and tablets, including how much time they spend on each application and which websites they visit. They can also remotely restrict access to any apps or sites by setting limits for their kids.

With Fami360, you can:

  • View all your child’s social media accounts and messages
  • Make sure your child is safe with location monitoring
  • Block certain websites and apps so they cannot access them while using a device with the Fami360 app installed


It is pretty uncommon for a person to give their phone for repair or any other reason. However, there is always a chance that the phone might fall into the wrong hands, and someone might start spying on you.

Spyine is the ultimate solution that prevents such instances from happening. This service allows you to control your iPhone remotely. You can track the cell phone’s location, messages, and calls.

The interface of Spyine is quite admirable and easy to use. It has various features, all available at a click on your mouse button. Moreover, the services offered by Spyine are far more than those of most other spy mobile applications available in the market today.

If you have a cell phone that has been taken away from you or one that has been stolen, this application will be your savior.

It is straightforward to use the tool; all you have to do is visit and download its free version onto your computer. After installing it onto your system, you will need to input some details about the targeted device, such as IMEI number, SIM number, etc., before starting the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to counter the minspy app if it’s on your phone?

The only way to counter a spy like minspy is by uninstalling it or formatting your smartphone for good.

Can minspy be detected?

No, it can’t be detected.

Does Minspy have a free trial?

Yes, you can sign-up for a 7-days free trial

Final Verdict – Minspy App Review

After using the spyine app previously, my hopes were high, and I think the Minspy did pretty well in living up to the expectations.

Even though I didn’t find any significant issues with it, I’ve listed some Minspy alternatives that would be helpful to replace it.

That’s all for now.

If you got any help setting up the minspy app, do let me know in the comments section given below.

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