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Most Frequent Q and A Related To Chess

What is History of Chess?

Chess is considered as one of the ancient games and its origin was almost 1500 years ago in Northern India. In 6th century it moved to Persia and when the Arabs defeat Persia it was grabbed by the Muslims. Later Muslims defeated by Spain and it spread in Southern Europe.

In 15th century Europe changed chess properly and it become modern game. In 19th century Chess tournaments had been started and in 1886 the first World Chess Championship was held. Like this chess become more and more popular around the world.

Who is The Father of Chess?

Steinitz is known as the father of chess as he was the man who recognised the game and its strategies. He figured out the obstacles and on its basis the development of its rules and logic happened.

Who Invented Chess?

Chess’s inventer name was Sissa, a minister in a king’s court. The king ordered him to invent a game just like battle components and also with battle planning. However, we are not confirmed about it but this story handed over from generations.

When Chess was Invented?

According to a traditional story Chess was invented in (23572255 BC) by a Emperor Yao who wanted for illuminating his son. According to other source chess was invented by Shun (2255-2205 BC) for the improvement of his son. So there are many more assumptions about chess’s origin.

Which Country was Chess Invented in?

Many countries want to grab the credit of emerging chess but it is commonly accepted that its origin place was India. In India chess was known as Chaturanga.

Who is the Best Player in the World?

When we play chess many times we used to say that I can everyone in the chess but do you know the world’s best player’s name in chess? Magnus Carlsen is the world’s best chess player and he crowned this opportunity since 2013.

Magnus was born in 1990 in Norway. Magnus was curios about chess from the beginning and at the age of 5 he started learning chess. At the age of 13 he was considered as the youngest grandmasters of all times. As the time passes Magnus won many world championships, International tournaments and online events.

Who is the Best Player in India?

Being an Indian I am really proud to describe about the best chess player in India. Yes, Vishwanathan Anand is considered as the best player.

Vishwanathan Anand was born on 11 December 1969 in Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu. He became the first grandmaster in 1988. In 1992 he got the India’s highest sporting award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan and in 2007 he was awarded with Padma Vibhusan, second highest civilian award of India.

What are the Basic Rules of Chess?

There is no age limit in terms of learning anything and if you want to learn to play chess, really very interesting. You need a chessboard for playing chess. Two players required for playing chess, one player has white pieces to play and another one with black pieces.

Each player have to play with  one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns as the game starts. The chess board has 64 squares with eight rows and eight columns. The game board should be settled in that situation so that black squares comes in lower-left corner.

All squares are given a name for explication of moves. Moves starts with the white player and player moves alternatively. With every move player reach to a different square.There is also a special move called Castling with which player can take two moves concurrently.

A player can grab the piece of his rival by moving one of his piece to the square containg the piece of rival. The rival’s piece detach from the game board and out of game.

Who Moves First in Chess?

In chess there are two colours: white and black. The Player who moves first is considered as White and second one is known as Black.

How Many illegal Moves are Allowed in Chess?

Illegal moves are not allowed but if the player took illegal moves and it was not noticed by the opponent then the game is going on. But if it is observed that the player’s last ten moves are illegal, in that condition the position shall be replaced as it was before illegal move.

How do You Win Chess in Two Moves?

Chess is known as one of the complex game and for winning in two moves is not easy. here I am describing which moves give you instant win. Think you are playing as black and your opponent is white:

step 1: Your rival will start by moving his pawn to f4, which tells you the king’s crossways and present a weakness.

Step 2: You have to move your pawn to e6 for finding space for Queen ad Bishop to move.

Step 3: Now your rival commit a mistake by moving his pawn to g4 and it again opens up the king’s crossways.

Step 4: After it you check the king by moving your queen to h4.

King has no option to move and like this you can easily win in two moves.

How do You Checkmate in 2 Moves?

In chess black wins after two moves and that is known as checkmate. It apply in only one condition if white move their g-pawn to g4 on first and second move. Like this black find out crossway for the queen. Now white have to move their f-pawn and queen h4 is checkmate.

Can You Attack Backwards with a Pawn?

The pawn is innumerable piece on the chess board. Pawns considered as the weakest pieces also. Pawn can move only forward and never move backward.

Can a Pawn Take Diagonally on its First Move?

Pawn is known as the weakest piece on the chess board. Pawn move only single square but in the beginning of game player can move it in two squares. But pawn can not capture any piece because there are no piece available for capturing in the starting.

Can You Win with a Queen or King?

If you have only one king then answer is no. You can not win the game with single king because it can not deliver a checkmate.

In case if you have only queen you can win the game because queen is the most powerful piece on the chess board. There are various ways to checkmate with a queen.

Can You Attack with a King in Chess?

No, you can not attack with a king as the king never take himself in risk. The king can never move to the attacking squares.

Can the King in Chess Move Like a Horse?

There are variety of pieces on the chessboard like  the Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and King. Every piece has its own different way of movement. Knights also known as horse can jump over other pieces. Horse can move horizontally and vertically. On the other hand King is the weakest piece as it can move only one square in any direction.

So, the king never jump like horse.

Can Queen Jump in Chess?

The queen is the strongest one and it can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It can move like Rook and Bishop but can not jump like horse.

Can Black Move First in Chess?

No black can not move first in chess as in 1857 Lowenthal suggested that first move start with white piece. In 1889 Steinitz passed the same law and later in 1927 it was confirmed that what make the first move.

What Happens When You only have A King Left in Chess?

If there is only one king left in the game then there will be a draw. Chess is win by checkmate and when no material available for capturing how can you play? So with the agreement of two players game will draw.

How Many Times can You be put in Chess?

Draw is the condition when game ends wit a tie. Draw happens when it seems that no team will win. There are three rules for draw:

Stalemate: When is player is unable to take a legal move and not in check

Threefold Repetition: When a move repeat three times by a player

Fifty-Move Rule: When last 50 moves has no capture then game will be draw.

I think you would get the answers of your questions regarding chess. Still have any query? If you have any query regarding chess, comment below. On the other hand if you have something new strategy then share your experience with us.

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