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Most Prominent Areas to Start Entrepreneurship in 2018

2018 promises to be a highly exciting year for investors who know where to put their money. A growing tech boom across the world is drawing in interest from all corners of the globe. As a result, many nations that were previously unable to compete on a global scale with more developed neighbours are now capable of operating under their own steam. Leaps forward in technology are pushing matters further, and there are some genuinely exciting areas for investment today, including:

  • Green energy
  • Space technology
  • Artificial intelligence

Green Energy Offers Impressive Returns on Investment

Green energy sources have been coming on in leaps and bounds in recent years. The imperative for workable alternatives to fossil fuels is pushing an industry forward with beneficial effects for just about everyone else. For a long time, nuclear energy was seen as the ideal alternative to fossil fuels. Nuclear energy promised a huge amount of returns for a relatively small amount of investment. However, it was not long before attitudes changed. The meltdown of Chernobyl in 1986 was the first example of the massive flaws of nuclear energy. Fukushima was another such example. While many nations are still confident enough in the strength of nuclear energy to invest, the massive risks involved mean that more and more people are working on green energy. Another benefit of the green energy sector is the diversity on offer. Renewable energy encompasses a huge range of different technologies, each of which requires a specific skill and training set. These skills are still very much in short supply, so this could be an ideal area in which to pursue entrepreneur investments. Renewable energy is also very much a global industry. Acquisition of the correct set of skills can allow you to reap returns on your investment anywhere in the world. Certainly worth investigating.

Space Technology Is Now in the Hands of Private Individuals

It’s no secret that space technology is no longer the reserve of only major world governments. Max Polyakov, as the founder of EOS, FireFly and Space Systems Engineering, noticed that a huge chunk of the technology and investment needed for this industry is in the hands of private outfits today. This fact which contributes to the rapid development of this area. Some of these operators effectively function as contractors for organizations such as NASA, working to produce the technology and equipment needed for space exploration. However, Elon Musk’s recent venture has demonstrated that there are many groups that are completely capable of functioning on their own. He is just one of the many space exploration entrepreneurs proving what independent work is capable of. Competitions are underway all year round to see who is able to land on the moon, launch their own probe, and demonstrate the capabilities of private investment and innovation. For entrepreneurs looking for an exciting venture in which to invest, these competitions and groups could prove to be the ideal choice. As things stand, Mars is generally viewed as the next major milestone that mankind will have to overcome. Already, NASA has started investigating the available options for harvesting water and minerals from orbiting pieces of space junk. If the correct technology could be refined, the possibilities for setting up a habitable home on Mars would massively increase. However, it remains to be seen how viable this all will prove to be.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Finally Becoming a Reality

Another very big area for independent investment at the moment is an artificial intelligence. AI has been on the radar for years now and has been pretty consistently disappointing. While many breakthroughs have been made, it is only now that we are really starting to see some of the earlier dreams realized. AI promises to change our world in ways that we can barely imagine. Already, driverless cars are starting to appear on our roads, and sadly we have already seen one death. Alongside these developments, the integration of AI into workplaces promises to wreak huge changes to the way we live. Many people predict that increasing automation is set to gradually phase out many menial jobs. This could be a huge disaster for many workers around the world. Without the required job stability, they could find themselves staring unemployment in the face. However, to the average entrepreneur, investment in the required areas for AI could end up paying massive dividends. Particularly regarding the required skill sets for maintaining AI technology, a savvy investment could make a huge difference to your funds. The major breakthroughs today are not always driven by government-sponsored research, as they were in the past. This means that you can benefit massively from the current technology boom by putting your money in the right place. At the moment, the keys to AI lie in sensory technology and decision making. As machines are able to develop ever more sophisticated ways of understanding and analyzing the world around them, they are going to need ever faster decision making software. If you’re looking for a promising place to invest, this may be the ideal choice for you.

These are just a few of the most reliable investment areas for 2018. It’s already clear that these industries are among some of the fastest growing on offer. For a long time, much has been promised regarding the three industries above. But for a long time, there was essentially little to show for it. What has made a massive difference in recent years is the availability of these industries. For some time, they were essentially the preserve of major government organizations. Any investment or research had to be carried out via the government, rather than by private individuals. Now that these technologies are more accessible than ever before, the realities of entrepreneurship and investment have changed massively. With more private outfits than ever before pushing the industries forward, 2018 is the ideal time to get involved with some of these groundbreaking innovations.


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