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Why do people prefer old school Pokemon to modern Pokemon?

It is a never-ending battle where people are constantly battling on the fact whether old-school Pokemon were better or are these new ones better than the old school ones. There are a lot of people who back the old school ones as well as there are a lot of people who back the new ones.

classic and modern pokemon

Well, the people who back old school Pokemon claim these reasons to make them better.

Reasons being Better Pokemon Training:

Well, the old school Pokemon games are based on the system which is called “Stat Experience” (SE) but these new ones have work on these new system called “Effort Values” (EVs). Stat Experience also called as SE is a really simple and straightforward system through which you can train all your stats than this new one that allows the training of only two stats.

All things that show or affect your Pokemon’s potential is actually in the battle strategy that is built by the players around moves.

It is also to be mentioned that if the evolution is delayed then it can even result in making the Pokemon get better moves or probably even get them sooner. Also, this fact has to be noticed that in these new games the EVs do not state also if the player screws them up then the player will have to wait for days till the time they get the berries in order to reduce the stats and get the stats that they aim to have.

It is also noticed that in the new games of Pokemon, the starter is instantly destroyed as well as one also has to face their rivals and also get a pokemon to choose from the list. This means that the player can use the berries to fix the pokemon or else they will have to work with a lesser worthy pokemon because of the degraded storyline.

If we talk about the soundtrack then “fast tempo” and “composed in a sharp or flat key to simulate tension” are actually the best ones that could be played while you indulge in a Pokemon face off. Also, this has to be noticed that the older games were really great as once you plug in the earphones then everything used to just as great as anything. In the new games, the soundtrack now has an addition of X and Y, which has slowed down the tempo of the battle music which surely relieves the tension but surely doesn’t improve the ambiance of the whole Pokemon game.

This soundtrack surely lessens the intensity of the game as this is meant for happy relaxing times, not during the time when one is being attacked by a pokemon.

Even the rivals in the new game are not as great as they were earlier. There were more realistic rivals at that point of time in the earlier version of the game where the competition was cutthroat and the competitors were badass.

Also, this fact needs to be noticed that not everyone played pokemon because of their deep driving interest pulling them towards pokemon. Some people played Pokemon because of the major nostalgia that is attached to the Pokemon. Pokemon is surely something that most people can relate to their childhoods because there is a certain fondness and nostalgia attached to Pokemon games this is why people continue to play them but if these mega evolutions and these major changes are going to occur continuously then most people will stop feeling the connection with those Pokemon games as they used to.

Thus, the fact that is established by the arguments is that the new Pokemon are surely not liked by many people like the new Pokemon games so it is really important to notice the fact that the old Pokemon games win hands down from the new Pokemon games.

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