TutuApp Pokemon Go Download for iPhone (Updated 2018)

TUTUApp is one of the best and famous third-party app installer available out there. They have a lot of amazing apps and games which can be downloaded for free. And today I am sharing a method to download TUTUApp Pokemon Go.

TUTUApp Pokemon Go is the modded version of Pokemon which is developed by the team of TUTUApp. The original version of Pokemon Go wants you to go out of your home and catch Pokemon whereas the modded version does not require you to go out to catch Pokemon. This TUTUApp Pokemon Go version has a built-in version which let you move around.

TUTUApp Pokemon Go
TutuApp Pokemon Go Download for iPhone (Updated 2018)

Tutu app offers some of the most stunning features. The first one is the most evident, and that is that it is free on Android and iOs via tutuapp VIP redeem code. It can also be downloaded on both jailbroken devices and jailbroken in IOS. Which can be understood from the application itself.` For androids, it is installed on rooted and unrooted devices — one of them is to download TUTUApp Pokemon application

TUTUApp Pokemon Go Features

Before moving towards the tutorial let me share a quick review with you which will help you to better understand about the TUTUApp Pokemon Go. Pokemon GO official version want you to go out and hunt for Pikachu whereas the TUTUApp Pokemon Go does not require you to do so.

Actually, the TUTUApp team has developed a hacked version of Pokemon Go which comes up with a joystick control. It means you can use that Joystick to move around. The developers have hacked the GPRS of Pokemon Go that is how Joystick control simulates a user is out and searching for Pikachu, or any other pokemon you desire via  TUTUApp Pokemon

Download TUTUApp Pokemon GO

  • First, you need to Download TUTUApp on your device and install it.
  • After that, you need to open the TUTUApp on your device and then you need to launch the App Drawer.
  • Now search for Pokemon Go and then tap on Green button that says Download.
  • Then there may be some on-screen instructions which you need to follow.
  • Ones you are done then you will have Pokemon Go icon on the home screen.
  • Supports Android, iOS and PC. No root/jailbreak required.

Tutuapp vip apk download: Alternative method 1

  1. Open safari and go to this link.
  2. Tap the install button there and you will be redirected to the Settings app. There you will have to install the profile. Just install the profile as it is verified developer profile.
  3. Now go back to home screen and wait for the iOSEmus app to install. Once installed Open it.
  4. Inside this app you will find Pokemon Go Hacked version, just install it from there.
  5. Once the game is finished installing, Go to Settings > General and Trust and profile associated with Pokemon Go.

Tutuapp vip apk download: Alternative method 2

Due to too much load on servers, users are facing difficulties downloading the hacked version of Pokemon Go. I will keep adding working links to the tweaked game so that if once link doesn’t work for you then you can use alternative links.

  1. Open safari and open iosem.us. You can click here if you don’t want to write the URL.
  2. Here you will need to install the iOSEmus app. Just hit the install button and allow the developer profile. Don’t worry it is a trusted source.
  3. After you have installed the profile, go back to home screen and wait for the app to get installed.
  4. Once the app is installed, open the app and look for Pokemon Go hacked version.
  5. Install Pokemon Go from inside the iOMEmus app and wait for it to show up on the home screen.
  6. Now Go to Settings > General > Profile and Device management and there you have to trust the new profile.
  7. Once done you may delete the iOSEmus app and the Pokemon Go tweaked version will continue to work.

Download TutuApp for PC and Android devices

In the above section, we told you about the downloading procedure of TutuApp Pokemon Go and TutuApp APK VIP version for IOS platform. But as we all know every device is a fan of Pokemon Go especially teenagers. So in previous articles, we told about how to download TutuApp for PC and Android devices. So checkout the below given link if you want to download pokemon go on you PC, laptop or android devices.

Download Tutu App Apk For PC | Window XP/7/8/10

Download Free TutuApp For Android And IOS

Now you can open Pokemon go and log in with your account. If you notice, you will have 3 buttons overlaying which allow you to run and move around without having to go outside thing to keep in mind is that the iOSEmus app is not a very fast app so please be patient.



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