How to Unlock Pokemon Showdown?

If you are a game lover and looking to play n interesting game online than pokemon showdown is one of the best game for you. The pokemon showdown is a simulator which will help you to compete with your rivals in battles.

Pokemon Showdown is the creation of Zarel which was disclosed in October 2011 and later in July 2012, it was embraced by Smogon’s official battle simulator. You can play with Pokemon Showdown online as it is a web-based programme and also supports all major browsers and you can also download it.

How to Unlock Pokemon Showdown?

Pokemon Showdown: How to get Unblocked?

So many Pokemon users facing the issue of  Pokemon account blocking and get unable to unblock the Pokemon Showdown. One of the users ask a query:

When I try to battle my friend i get this message:

You are locked and cannot challenge locked users.

How do I unlock my account?

If you are not able to unblock your pokemon showdown then here are some ways and by following them you can easily access it.

Unlock Pokemon Showdown: Tips and commands

Method 1: Use A VPN

The most prominent way to unlock the pokemon showdown is the use of VPN. Initially, you have to install VPN software to access blocked sites. It may be time-consuming and also you have to pay for premium features but it has worth.

Method 2: Access straightly Pokemon Showdown with IP address

Every site on the internet has a specific numeric identifier which is known as IP address. Before accessing the server of you must have the IP address for the same.

I Hope the above tips will help you to unblock your Pokemon Showdown account. For more queries about Pokemon Showdown comments below and also share your experiences regarding this programme. For more updates please stay connected.


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