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Top 3 Online Video Compressor free: Reduce Video Size Online

Online Video Compressor free 2019

What is video compressor ?

Compression is a digital process by which we can resize a video in to smaller degree by using Online Video Compressor. In general language we can say, it is a way to reduce a heavy file into a smaller file that we can upload on social media channels like Facebook , whatsapp and others. These media channels do not support heavy files, so we need the video compressor to resize a video. It compresses the size of MP4 videos captured by your Android or iPhone and makes videos smaller by cutting the extra videos. By using a good online video compressor you can compress mp4 video to smaller size online free.

It becomes easier to upload files and also you can save you storage space. Most of the time in the process of converting a video into smaller degree we have to compromise the quality of video. But now you don’t need to worry, There are so many video compressors online available which compress your video without any risk and without compromising the quality of video. You can compress you videos by using these Best Online Video Compressor free: Reduce Video Size Online 2019.

Best Video Compressor to reduce large video online
Online Video Compressor free 2019

Here we are going to solve all your queries regarding video compression, There are so many peoples have different queries which is totally related to reducing the size of large video files into small ones like:

  • What is the most compressed video format?
  • How do I compress a mp4 video file online?
  • What is the best video compression software?
  • How do I compress a video to email it?

How to compress the large video into small One

By using the below steps you can to compress the video into small file size:

  • Shorten video length
  • Convert to another file formats
  • Change video encoder
  • Adjust resolution
  • Change video frame rate and bit rate
  • Change audio bit rate or sample rate

Best Online Video Compressor available online free


CloudConvert is the right choice for you if you are facing the issue of repeated downloading and installation of software programs to your computer. By using Cloudconvert you can convert your video without any struggle . Some of the advanced features provided by cloudconvert includes, it supports 218 files like ACE, ALZ, CPIO, DEB, EML, DMG, CAB, LZ, JAR, TAR, RZ, LHA, IMG, ISO and others.

Features of Cloudconvert

  • 218 formats supported
  • advance features
  • file conversion in the cloud
  • powerful API

By using you can compress your video into the format that you want. You don’t need to install any software to compress the MP4 video online.  If  you want to decrease your video for online work like youtube then it is very useful for you. Apart from this it is completely free and safe. It used to divide your 100 MB file into to 2 different files. In spite of all these features it has a drawback also that is limited space of 100 MB and also it cannot compress different files at the same time. In short, it is very useful video compressor for you.

Features of

  • It Completes video shorten within 3 simple steps.
  • No need to download any software, installation, or registration.
  • Different languages access.
  • Free to use.
  • safe for your data.
  • Compress video with resolution changed and format converted.
  • Support saving compressed videos to Dropbox directly.


Chipchamp is the another choice for you if you are looking for the online video compressor to reduce the large video files into smaller one. By using Chipchamp you can compress video in different formats to MP4, WebM, WMV or GIF. Th great thing about Chipchamp is that it offers multiple video dimension as per your device usage that is really good. You can choose the video compression scale as per your choice like high or slow. The video quality will affects from the speed as well like you will choose the fast compression speed, the quality will be moderate. But, if you go for slow compression, the video quality will be excellent.

Features of Clipchamp

  • It supports different formats like MP4, WebM, WMV or GIF
  • Tt offers multiple video dimension
  • Offers different video compression scale from slow to high


So here we had listed top 3 video compressor available online totally free. So if you are much involved in video editing or making and needs a good quality video compressor than you can go through from any of the above. All the video compressors are top rated and support different size videos. for more tech updates stay tuned.

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