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Psiphon Apk Feature Review | Free Download for Android

Psiphon is quite famous and even used by millions of people at around 200 countries. Psiphon apk makes life much easier for the internet users from various countries where the internet censorship does not allow the citizens the freedom of expressions. Or in other words, we can say that they cannot access certain information because of government censorship. So, it becomes very easy for them to access the websites and contents which are censored, highly blocked or unavailable.

Psiphon is the most robust circumvention tool on the internet. It turns a regular home computer into a personal, encrypted server capable of retrieving and displaying web pages anywhere. Psiphon is free to use for personal usages. Downloading Psiphon apk is easily available for everyone. Installation is easy too. Psiphon apk download doesn’t require any registration, configuration or subscription.


Steps to install Psiphon Apk

  1. To get Psiphon on your device, open your Android device and download the app.
  2. After the app gets downloaded, all you have to do is to “Allow App Installation From Unknown Sources”.
  3. Go back to download folder and double tap on Psipho.apk
  4. Your app will get installed.
  5. After the installation of the app, you can access the internet without any sort of limits.
  6. Click on the Psiphon icon on your home screen.
  7. You will get two options- one of it will be Use Psiphon Browser Only. Another will be Tunnel Whole Device. Click on the option that suits your requirements and preferences.
  8. Now, you are all set to use the browser anytime, anywhere and with no limits.


Let us clear you all a point that Psiphon is not an app it’s a browser, so it is not going to bring virus in your device. This is one of the best apps in the category of selecting the protocol automatically for effective and reliable circumvention.

Psiphon apk is even available to download free for personal use. It is an open source project, which can be reviewed openly and can be securely audited. This browser has all the desired options that an android user wants, like open multiple tabs at a time and saving bookmarks of various pages. Psiphon enables a user with some special buttons to view back page and forward a page which is quite helpful to browse between two pages very easily.


Final Thoughts on Psiphon APK

Psiphon is really useful to use almost all restricted sites, because it contains VPN service which helps you to access every site without any interruption.

There are few drawbacks with Psiphon like the user interface is not that much attractive that you will find in other browsers. The second drawback is the internet speed that is of 2 mbps. And the last drawback is the app contains a good no. of ads which interrupt the service.

These are some of the pros and cons of Psiphon apk. And all these drawbacks can be ignored because this is one of the best applications to access the restricted sites.

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