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Samsung and Apple: Top 3 Secrets of World’s Best Laptops

When you’re looking for a new laptop to buy, two brands will probably grab most of your attention: Samsung & Apple. These two tech superstars have been battling head to head for as long as I can remember (read more). Even in smartphones, these two can’t seem to let each other off the hook.

They battle it out – model by model, feature to feature. However, if you ask us what’s so special about these two, we only have three words for you:

The 3 secrets of World’s Best Laptops

These two aren’t at the top for no reason. After testing the waters for so many years, they have been able to unlock the secret behind consumer internet. They learned exactly what to give at the exact time. This is what keeps them at the top of tech hierarchy. Let’s discuss these points one by one:


Both Samsung and Apple know that the products they develop have a certain “market life expectancy.” This means that whenever they launch a product, no matter how immense the hype, they know that it will soon hit the point of decline.

product’s life usually undergoes four particular stages: Introduction, Growth, Plateau, and Decline.

When a product is first launched, people will get intrigued by it – especially if the premarketing phase went off without a hitch. This is the introductory phase. As more and more people hear about the product, sales are expected to go up. This is the growth phase. When the product has been out in the market for a good while, it will hit a plateau or maturation phase.

This means that even though the sales are still considerably high, it won’t go any higher. In other words, it has reached its peak. And what happens after a product reaches the peak of growth and lives out its market life? It declines like a flame nearing the end of a matchstick.

Now Samsung and Apple, they defy this cycle. They refuse to let their product fade away with time. So instead, what they do is they prolong the life of their brand by introducing a new product before the former one even hits a total decline. The new cycle goes this way:

Introduction > Growth > Plateau > Introduction2 > Growth 2 > Plateau 2 > Introduction 3 > Growth 3

… And so on and so forth.

Do you get it? By introducing new products before the one they formerly launched hits rock bottom, they are able to preserve their brand; make it eternal. But of course, no random product will do. With each introduction, they defy what they have accomplished before. They bring new and innovative goods to the table – every time. That’s how they do it.


One other factor that lets these two reigns the tech kingdom is their insistence on quality. It’s easy to get people to buy using flashy colors and interesting designs. However, it’s hard to keep them buying if those are all you have to offer. You see, people aren’t idiots. They’re also not very forgetful. When they’ve experienced using your product before and find it lacking in many aspects, there’s a pretty good chance they won’t buy from you again – EVER.

They’d instantly foster the idea that your brand is not worth their money and will lose faith in every other product you launch from that point onwards. If you’re unlucky enough, they’d even brag their unlovely experience to their friends. Poof! There goes your brand’s reputation.

By never compromising quality, Samsung and Apple get the world circling in the palm of their hands. They give people EXACTLY what they want and they’re not being cheap about it. That is why even if the latest iPhone release costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars, people still throw in their money just to have it. They know its quality and quality is something they like. It’s simple logic, really.


It’s pretty obvious that what makes Samsung and Apple stand out most is their insanely good marketing techniques. They really know where to catch their prey. TV commercials, social media, celebrity endorsers, billboards, internet ads and whatever – just name any marketing tactic you can think of and they have it.

These three factors make Samsung and Apple a formidable force in the world of tech development – especially in the laptop manufacturing industry. But if you look beyond just Samsung and Apple, you’ll notice that there are actually so many other laptop brands available in the market – AND, they’re not half bad either.

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