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Top 10 Sega Saturn Emulators to Run Games on Android/PC/iOS/Mac

Sega Saturn app are getting popular day by day because they are easily available in Google Play Store. Since mobile games are getting insanely hit these days. That’s why we are here for you to bring a Whole new bunch of list of Sega Saturn Emulator. In this Article we’re going to discuss about top 10 Sega Saturn Emulator which is best for you. Stay till the end to know everything about them.

TOP 10 Sega Saturn Emulator

1. MD.emu

MD.emu Sega Saturn Emulator

The first Sega Saturn Emulator is MD.emu which is a Open work source for several Genesis such as Mark III / Mega System, Mega Drive and Sega CD, work greatly with them. Due to all this features which MD.emu possess, we put this Emulator in the top of list. In order to use this app, you have to purchase it from Play Store.

MD.emu cost $4.99.

Download MD.emu Now

Moreover, this Emulator includes features like high sound quality, high resolution and graphics, 6-button controller, Auto-save option, Backup your data, Cheat code support in the game and many more.

Furthermore, this Emulator is built to enable the multi-touch screen control and can work in any orientation. MD.emu works on Android 4.1 and above. It doesn’t come up with a attached ROM so you have to use your own. With 5OK plus Download in Play Store this Emulator receive 4.3/5 rating, which is quite good.

Review of MD.emu –

Jaymz Filkoski

“This app is AMAZING. Very simple interface once you get used to it. I was even able to get it to play Sega CD games after uploading the correct BIOS into the app. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a high quality Sega Genesis emulator.”

2. SEGA Forever Games

Sega Forever Games

This is a slightly different and a point to remember here is that SEGA provide some games on Google play such as altered beast, dozens, street of rage, vectorMan , sonic the hedgehog, and the Gunstar heroes.

When I said this one is Slightly different I mean that they are available in Mobile controls and not come with Emulator control. Thus it doesn’t even feel like you are playing in Emulator.

Moreover, this application is not free and you have to pay in order to use it. But the price is quite reasonable and it is worth it. It is advised you to keep on checking Google play for your perfect match of Sega. Sega Forever Games are amazing and one of the best Emulator for iphone and Android.

3. ClassicBoy |Sega Saturn Emulator

Classic boy by sega Saturn Emulator

This Emulator have a whole support from SEGA Genesis and it comes with 1 or 2 modals of Sega Saturn Emulator. This Emulator receive well praises from users.

Additionally, it works completely fine with Nintendo 64, NES, three varying game boy and the PlayStation. Classic boy have many features like

  • This Emulator saves your states,
  • You can even customized the layout and change the control of your game
  • Play with local support multiplayer.

Do you want to download right Classic Boy emulator to your device? if yes, let us know in a comnet section or Whatsapp so that we could give you right link to download classic boy emulator. Sound great! isn’t it?

Let’s check out our next emulator i.e. MasterEmu

4. MasterEmu

Sega Saturn Emulator

This Emulator is exclusively available on Google Play and you can easily download it from there. With 50K+ download and 3.5/5 review, this Emulator promises to be Highly active and accurate.

Unlike other Emulator, MasterEmu is free to download and acquire less space in your device. This Emulator is offered by Philip Potter.

Download MasterEmu Now

Reviews of MasterEmu –

Vortex Lord

It’s alright. I just need to know when I can map the B button as Button 2 to make things easier for some games. Plus the volume is too loud.

Klonoa Xavier

“Works fine enough with Master System games, just wish it would work with SG-1000 games, all I got was a black screen with the audio playing”

5. DosBox Turbo Emulator

DosBox Sega Saturn Emulator

The DosBox Turbo gives you capability to correlate with your Window OS and DOS in your Android/iphone. This Sega Saturn Emulator works fast, however you might encounter few odd crashes while playing game. It comes with many features such as keyboard, mouse, joystick emulation and many more qualities.

This all things makes this Emulator perfect for Play Store. Due to the vast features, this Emulator is perfect for you to use. If you are looking for a great Sega Saturn Emulator this one is right for you.

6. MAME4droid Sega Saturn Emulator


I am sure that you have already heard Android a million times in your life. Now, what is this MAME4droid? I know it pretty much resembles to Android but this one is completely different. The MAME means Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. This Emulator works just fine and able to boost upto 8000 varying ROMs. However for a decent game, you should have a good hardware.

Moreover, this Emulator have over 5 Million plus users worldwide, which is highest in terms of most of the Saga Saturn Emulator. The application further receives a great positivity from users. Also, A good thing to note here is that MAME4droid is free app.

Review –

Addy Charles

The best for free app! Works pretty well, but there’s issue with external controllers, when assigning buttons sometimes it will suddenly changed to “auto detection”, followed with sudden stop of the game. Constantly need to re-map the controller.

7. ePSX

Sega Saturn Emulator

Another popular Sega Saturn Emulator with over 1 Million plus user in Goggle Play Store. The ePSXe requires bin formats, zipped files, or a26 in ROMs and this help the Emulator work efficiently. Using this Emulator you can play all your favorite PlayStation game in your Smartphone. Isn’t this Amazing?

So, any of you, who can’t afford the expansive PlayStation console, ePSXe is for you. The reason to choose this Emulator is also its high compatibility and at a same time high speed.

It Furthermore offers its user high and accurate sound quality which is a basic need of a gamer. This Emulator is designed for Mobile phones and Tablets. For more fun, ePSXe provide it’s user 4-player mode and 2 player mode with spilt screen function. The most important thing to note here that ePSXe doesn’t come with games, if you want to play, kindly install them.

Review of ePSXe –

Mickey Mishra

There’s literally one game I love playing and I’ll probably like playing for the rest of my life and that’ll be gran . 2 and this allows me to do that on my Chromebook on my phones and just about any Android device and that’s why I love it a lot.”

8. Dolphin

Dolphin Sega Saturn Emulator

This Emulator is brought up by Nintendo, one of the modern Emulator in market which enables you to play games like Wii and Game club efficiently. If you are a Nintendo game fan, I recommend this Emulator to you. Wonder why?

Because it will allow you to play some of the most iconic game of Nintendo such as Superior Mario Galaxy, Luigi’s Manson and more. Additionally, this Emulator will save your memory flash project. But this game doesn’t come with games. You have to download them by yourself. Dolphin is serving 1 Million plus user worldwide.

Download Dolphin For Free

9. GENPlusdroid

GENPLUSDroid Sega Saturn Emulator

The Sega Master system and Sega Genesis Emulator which is Developed by GENPlus. As a user, you can customize your own gamepad and multi-touch input. GENPlusdroid also allows multi-player. Besides this you can also rewind your game in a real time. Additionally, this Emulator comes up with features like –

  • Good speed ( games like Phantasy Star work and Virtual Racing run in high speed )
  • High Compatibility
  • Cheat file support
  • Fast forward
  • Auto save (Messages, notification and even Phone call will not ruin your game)
  • Custom Key binding
  • SEGA 6 button support + Mode button

Download GENPlusdroid Now

10. Genesis Plus GX

Sega Saturn Emulator

This Emulator is especially Developed for Nintendo Wii systems and Nintendo GameCube by eke-eke. This is 100% secure app and works absolutely fine. This Emulator includes great features like –

  • SD card, USB drive, and DVD support
  • Allow you to Save states and
  • You can auto load cheat files.
  • Up to 1000 files in file directories
  • Supported by Zip folders
  • In place of Light guns, use Wiimote.

Moreover, you can use USB mouses for Sega Mouse emulation.

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11. Sega Saturn Emulator for Mac & iOS | Yabause

Latest Yabause stable version 0.9.15 is compatible and available for Dreamcast, Mac OS X, Windows 32 & 64 bit. Yabause comes under GNU GPL and support booting games using Saturn cds or iso files.

Click here to get download link…


Sega Saturn Emulator are of great variety and are quite popular among people because of their easy available in Play store. If you are looking for a perfect Sega Saturn Emulator this list will surely help you. We do have more articles on Emulator in our website. The Emulator like Citra, RetroArch, about which we have already discussed in the previous topics.

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