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Shift vs Carvana: A Comparison of Two Online Car-Buying Platforms

Shift vs Carvana

With the advent of technology, the traditional car buying experience has already been revolutionized.

Online car-buying platforms like Shift and Carvana make purchasing a vehicle easier without stepping foot in a dealership.

These companies offer the convenience of browsing and buying from the comfort of your home and the potential for savings.

But with the abundance of options, it cannot be easy to decide which platform is right for you.

In this article, I will dive deep into the features, services, and pros and cons of Shift and Carvana to help you make an informed decision on your next car purchase.

How Does Shift Work?

Shift is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell cars. It’s similar to Carvana in that it offers free delivery, but there are some critical differences between the two companies.

Here’s how Shift works:

  • To sell your car on Shift, you must enter basic information about your vehicle (make, model, and year) and upload photos of its condition. You can also include a video of yourself talking about why they should buy your car if they’re interested in learning more about its history or condition before making an offer–this will help boost your chances of getting top dollar for sale!

Once someone makes an offer on your vehicle (which may be less than what it’s worth), Shift will connect both parties so that they can discuss payment details directly with each other via phone or email until everything has been finalized–no middlemen necessary!

How Does Carvana Work?

Carvana is an online car-buying platform where you can buy used cars from dealerships across the country. You can also sell your vehicle on Carvana’s marketplace and get cash for it (if it passes their inspection).

Carvana has several different ways to purchase a car: you can pay in full or finance your purchase; if you choose to finance, there are options for both long-term loans or short-term loans with no money down; if you don’t want any commitment at all, then they have leases available as well. All these options come with free vehicle delivery–you won’t even have to leave home!

If something goes wrong with the car after purchase (or before), Carvana will take care of everything–from repairs (up until 5 years after purchase) through extended warranties and rental cars while yours is fixed up again.

Sell Your Car Easily

The car-selling process is a bit more complicated with Carvana. You’ll need to provide several documents and photos of your vehicle, which can take some time to collect.

Once you’ve done so and received confirmation that your vehicle has been accepted as part of their program, you’ll receive an estimate for how much money they think it’s worth. Suppose this number is acceptable to you (and assuming no problems arise during the inspection).

In that case, Carvana will purchase the car from you for cash on delivery or via certified check in the mail within 24 hours.

Once everything has gone through successfully, Shift and Carvana offer free shipping labels, so buyers don’t have any additional costs associated with transporting their new vehicle home or office space.

Shift vs Carvana: Price Guarantees

Carvana doesn’t offer price guarantees, but Shift does.

Shift’s price guarantee is for up to $1,000 and applies to vehicles within a 7-day window of purchase. If you find another car on the market at a lower price within seven days of buying your car from Shift, they’ll refund the difference in cash–up to $1,000!

This makes it easy for consumers who have their hearts set on a specific vehicle but don’t want to pay more than they need to.

Shift vs Carvana: Fees and Sales Tax

Shift’s fee is $200, plus the cost of your vehicle. So, for example, if you buy a car for $10,000 and pay with cash, your total cost will be $10,000 plus $199 for processing (which includes title transfer).

Carvana charges an upfront fee of $799 plus taxes and registration fees (if applicable). You’ll also pay interest on this amount until it’s paid off–at which point you will own the vehicle outright.

Shift vs Carvana: Delivery Options

Carvana offers free delivery, while Shift will charge you for it. So if you’re buying a vehicle that requires special handling or preparation (like a motorcycle), Shift might be able to get it delivered for free. If not, it costs $99 in addition to whatever else you’ve paid for your car.

Carvana can deliver cars directly to customers’ homes–or they can pick them up from their local lot if they prefer–for no additional fee beyond what they’ve already paid out at checkout time.

Shift vs Carvana: Financing

Both Shift and Carvana offer financing through their partners. Shift Financial is a subsidiary of Ally Bank, which offers to finance purchases made through the Shift platform. Carvana’s financing partner is Ally Bank, but it also works with other lenders to find the best rate for your purchase.

Both companies have a wide range of options available so that you can choose the right one for your needs:

  • Fixed rates (6-36 months)
  • Variable rates (1 year)
  • No money down offers (15% down payment required)

Shift vs Carvana: Vehicle Availability

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Carvana has a broader selection of vehicles, but Shift offers more options.

Carvana has a much larger inventory than Shift: the former has over 1 million cars available for sale on its website and app, while the latter has only about 20,000 in stock at any given time (though it does have plans to expand its inventory). This means you’re more likely to find what you want on Carvana’s platform than on Shift’s.

But if something specific catches your eye and isn’t available through either service, it might be easier to find it elsewhere.

Both companies offer a wide range of models within each class.

However, they differ slightly in terms of which classes they offer more options:

Carvana carries trucks/vans and sedans; Shift only sells sedans right now.


In conclusion, Shift and Carvana offer unique benefits for buying or selling a vehicle.

While Shift specializes in providing an in-person, concierge-style service, Carvana offers a more convenient, fully online experience.

Ultimately, you must choose between the two options based on your preference.

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