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10 Legit Sites like Carvana to Buy/Sell Used Cars [2022]

Sites like Carvana

Are you looking for the best deals when buying or selling used commute cars?

Carvana is an excellent choice for this.

If you need the best deal for yourself, you can’t get it without comparing Carvana’s pricing with its competitors.

So, up next in this post, I’ll share 10 legit sites like Carvana where you can look for the best deals within your budget. Let’s started with the list.


Sites like Carvana
Sites like Carvana

I’m starting this list with DriveTime as the 1st sites like Carvana. It is a car buying service that provides customers with pre-owned vehicles that are available at low prices. The company offers many makes and models, including luxury cars, sports cars, and trucks.

A significant portion of DriveTime’s inventory comes from other dealerships across the country that sell their cars to DriveTime in bulk after they have gone through their inspection process and are deemed safe for the road.


Beepi is a used car marketplace that allows you to buy and sell cars online. The company has been around since 2013 and has a wide selection of used cars for sale.

Beepi offers financing options for used cars, including the ability to lease or finance your vehicle from the comfort of your own home.


AutoTempest is yet other sites like Carvana used car marketplace with thousands of listings from dealerships and individuals. They have a large inventory of used cars for sale, including pre-owned luxury cars. AutoTempest also offers to finance if you have bad credit or no credit history. You can get a free auto loan quote through their website and apply for the loan there to save even more time.

AutoTempest has earned good ratings on several review sites due to its reputation for customer service, financing options, and buying experiences.


Vroom is a car buying service that operates similarly to Carvana. This company specializes in used cars and offers its customers the option to finance their purchases.

Vroom allows you to choose from several different financing options, including no-haggle pricing, which means you can receive a quote for your purchase without having to haggle over price with an employee of the dealership or finance company.

Vroom also allows its customers to deliver their cars directly as Carvana does! However, unlike Carvana, where there are no hidden fees (other than sales tax), Vroom has some hidden costs like shipping and delivery costs—which vary depending on what part of the country you live in and which vehicle model you choose!


Autolist is a great place to buy used cars. The site offers a search tool to filter your results by price, mileage, and other specifications. And if you’re looking for financing for your purchase, Autolist has partnered with several banks to offer loans directly through the site (though not all the lenders listed on Autolist are necessarily approved or available in every state).

You can even narrow down your list of potential buys based on whether they have specific features like heated seats or Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to find precisely what you want without having to deal with unnecessary sales pressure.


TrueCar is a car-buying website that allows you to search for and purchase new or used cars at the lowest price. TrueCar’s mission is to help consumers research, shop, and buy new and used vehicles online. TrueCar offers free, no-obligation quotes and provides consumers unbiased information about what others have paid in your area.

TrueCar’s goal is to make buying a car less stressful by providing consumers with accurate pricing information to negotiate confidently. To accomplish this goal, TrueCar partners with dealerships across the country who agree to offer their best price upfront by posting their vehicle’s “TruePrice” on their website within 48 hours of receiving an inquiry from a customer. is a car buying service that helps you find the right used car and get the best deal. With a large selection of certified pre-owned vehicles and an easy financing process, LemonFree gives you one-stop shopping for your next used car or truck.

LemonFree provides a comprehensive online car shopping experience to help consumers find the perfect vehicle for their needs. The service allows you to search through thousands of vehicles from various dealerships across the country, compare features, test drive cars at no cost, get quotes on auto loans and purchase your dream ride.

LemonFree is a trusted resource for used cars, with over 200,000 users nationwide every month who rely on us to make intelligent decisions about purchasing pre-owned automobiles without having to do all their legwork themselves—or take chances on unreliable sellers (aka “lemon” cars).

AAA Car Finder Service

The AAA Car Finder Service is offered by the American Automobile Association (AAA). The service allows you to find used cars for sale in your area and to receive financing for those vehicles.

If you have bad credit or no credit or are looking to buy a car with cash, this is an excellent way to find the perfect car at an affordable price.

Sites like Carvana
Sites like Carvana

CarWow is a UK-based car buying and selling website that allows you to browse the inventory of over 1,000 dealers across the country. Not only does CarWow offer financing options for buyers, but it also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day exchange policy.

If you’re looking for a way to purchase your next used car without having to visit multiple dealerships in person or wait around on hold while searching through classified ads online, then CarWow may be your best bet!

Cars Oodle

Cars Oodle is another excellent option for used car buyers. Cars Oodle focuses on connecting buyers with dealerships, so you’ll be able to get a good deal on a new or used vehicle.

The site also offers to finance, which means you can find an auto loan if you don’t have enough cash to pay in full. The interest rates offered by Cars Oodle are competitive and favorable compared with other dealerships and lenders!


I hope this list has helped you find the best car buying and financing options for your needs.

With many sites like Carvana, getting a better deal for yourself is easy when buying or financing a used car.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve any questions for me, feel free to reach us in the comments below.

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